Fire Phone 6-22

Amazon’s Fire Phone: What You Need To Know

Amazon unveiled their much anticipated  32GB Fire Phone this week. If you asked Amazon what are the key features of the Fire they would tell you: Beautiful industrial design Dynamic Perspective Firefly Button Mayday Free unlimited photo storage Small Touches Amazon exclusive features Amazon’s content ecosystem AT&T’s 4G LTE network Out of all of these [...]


Eye-Fi, the Wi-Fi SD card, launches a 16GB version

Wirelessly capable phones are crushing the camera market. The ability to send your images to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and even your computer without connecting cables is extremely convenient. So much so, that most users are ditching their point and shoot cameras for smart phones. What about SLR users? There is an SD card that adds [...]


Helio the ‘affordable’ telepresence avatar

There is a new Avatar on it’s way to town called Helios. It’s a Kickstarter project only a few days in, well on it’s way to funding. Your telepresence Helios turns a smart device into a telepresence device. You can roam the area. The little robot can be controlled to drive and tilt. By placing [...]


Smartphone design might be flipped by new phone concept

Remember when the flip phone came out years ago at it was so cool?  And then the smart phone came out and suddenly the flip phone was so yesterday?  Thanks to a new conceptual smartphone design from design student Kristian Ulrich Larsen, the flip phone just might be cool and functional again. This flip phone [...]


How iPads Were Used During 2011

Whether you just got your first iPad for Christmas or you waited in line on launch day, there’s a good chance you’re using it in places you hadn’t originally planned on. Nielsen, a consumer research company, has started releasing their usage statistics for iPads, eReaders, and Smart Phones, with some very interesting results. The study [...]

Fuelly Mileage Report

Fuelly, record your mileage without an app or data plan

Sometimes smartphones and their apps take the long way of getting things done. Fuelly, an online mileage tracking program shows us how it can be done with just a simple text message. To get started you will need to online and create an account. Once you have created your car’s profile (Facebook for cars anyone?) [...]


Why Smartphone Users Should Care About NFC

What is NFC? NFC stands for “Near Field Communication”. A device with an NFC chip shares data by tapping the device on a sensor. The sensor can read an NFC device up to 10 centimeters away. It’s been around for a while, but many of people still don’t know what it is and what it [...]


Outcast, Renegade, Traitor: Why I Chose Android Over iPhone

It’s no surprise that ZAGG is full of Apple fanboys. Keep in mind that I don’t think the term “fanboy” is derogatory when talking about Apple or any company that makes high quality products. ZAGG has given away more iPads and iPods than any company in the world because we truly are ‘zealous about great [...]


Make Your Apps Your Slaves

If you use your smart phone for productive purposes, you and I are likely very unalike.  The only apps I use regularly are my various games (like Angry Birds, Plants vs. Zombies, Tiny Wings, Words With Friends, etc.) Facebook, Twitter, and E-mail.  Yes, I do have some apps that would make me more productive if [...]


Helping you feel the “G’s”

1G, 2G, red G, blue G? “So you’re saying the 2G iPhone had 3G?” You probably kind of know what 3G is. That’s the thing you pay for each month that gives you ‘internets’ wherever you go. Before that you must have had 2G something, but that was referred to as “EDGE” or “GPRS”, now [...]

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