Twitter Buys Android Lockscreen Replacement ‘Cover’

More than two-thirds of all social network use and activity happens on a mobile device. For Twitter specifically, that number is actually a bit higher, at 75%. This helps put into perspective several of their acquisitions over the past few years, including their most recent: Cover. If they can be certain so many of their [...]


Apple’s Secret Weapon in iOS 6: Photo Stream

Today, Apple released iOS 6 on the world. They also, right under your nose, turned on the largest photo-sharing social network in the world, and you probably never saw it coming. If you’re an iOS user, regardless of which specific device, and if you love to take and share photos, you’ll find this an intriguing [...]

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Is Your Status As An Organ Donor Facebook Official?

The world’s largest social network announced earlier this week that they will be offering help for the global shortage of donor organs by creating an organ donor option on the new Facebook Timeline. The site revamped its Groups feature to allow users to register to become an organ donor, as well as share their story [...]

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5+ Reasons Google+ Rocks, Facebook Sucks (post by @mrgnw)

Google+ is better than Facebook. There, I said it. A bold statement, I know. Why would I say that? To put it simply, Google+ is easier to use. Here’s how: Customized sharing When Google+ came out, their main selling point was circles: an easy way to decide who sees what you share. Facebook copied this [...]


How Does Pinterest Compare to Facebook?

In 2011, Pinterest exploded with popularity. Pinterest is a website which focuses on connecting people worldwide through shared interests. In the site you can post or pin different things that catch your eye or interest you. It’s like creating a bulletin board of videos, pictures and other forms of media to share with everyone. When [...]


Deep iOS Facebook Integration along side the iPad 3 release?

So, iOS 5 Beta 3 was released last week, and the iPad rumor world was abuzz that there was evidence of the new iPad models. The interesting part wasn’t that there were new model versions, but that thy had unique characteristics. Apparently, the listings describe new versions of the already existent iPad 2. An 8GB [...]

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Catalog Your Clothing on Your iPhone

For all you avid fashionistas out there, say hello to your new favorite app, Cloth. You will no longer forget which blouse you paired with which skirt, and what shoes and accessories you chose to go with it. Packing for that next vacation trip will never be easier as you browse through your preplanned outfits and [...]


How to Create a Manly Pinterest Page

Remember that movie Little Rascals and the He-Man Woman-Haters Club? Well Pinterest seems like that, only the opposite. It’s like the social network for girls and I’m not sure how I feel about that. If you have never heard of Pinterest before, they describe themselves as a virtual pinbaord. According to them, “Our goal is [...]

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Google+ Opens Up To Everybody, Adds Tons Of Features To Hangouts

Actually… Google+ is now open to everybody! So you don’t even need invites anymore. Does the lack of exclusivity mean that mean it’s not cool anymore? (Or was it?) We’ll find out. The whole point of social networks is to be social, so get your friends to sign up at if you really want [...]


Google+ Hits 25 Million Visitors Faster Than Any Other Social Network Site

For those of you who didn’t think Google+ could compete with any other social network site – I know I’ve had my suspicions – the company is trying to prove everyone wrong. They’re doing a pretty good job so far. Google+ has reached 25 million visitors in less than a month, which is faster than [...]

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