Good News: Facebook Will Start Punishing Those Annoying Pages That Beg For Likes And Shares

We’ve all seen them, and we’ve all been annoyed by them. Yet, they never seem to go away. “They” being the brands, organizations, people, and anonymous viral content Facebook Pages that beg you to engage with them via a ‘Like’ or a ‘Share.’ Facebook just last week announced that it’s going to begin penalizing these [...]


How to Enable (Or Disable) DMs from Your Twitter Followers

For a few weeks now, Twitter has given you the option to opt-in to receive Direct Messages (DMs) from any of your followers, not just the ones you follow. For some reason, it just broke news today, with the blogosphere blowing up about it this morning. To be fair, a lot of the frustration is [...]


Mini Cooper Is Awesome At Apologizing

Recently, Mini Cooper had an oops. A email marketing spam-type oops. Due to a server glitch, a few of Mini Cooper’s customers received hundreds of emails in their inboxes. While Mini Cooper owner’s are fiercely loyal about their cars, I’m not sure anyone loves a car that much. But Mini Cooper recouped this spam fiasco [...]


InstaDeal: Instagram meets InstaSPAM.

Deal Approval Big news for Instagram, today. The State of California has officially approved their acquisition by Facebook, calling it “fair, just and equitable.” (The FCC cleared the sale last week.) When the deal was announced in April, prior to Facebook’s IPO, it broke headlines around the web for it’s reported value: $1 billion. $300 [...]


Spammers are invading the final frontier of unwanted marketing: Your text messages (post by @TySpace)

Have you been receiving spam via text message on your cell phone lately? If so, you’re not alone. On Sunday, the New York Times reported that spammers, experiencing the diminishing returns of harassing people via e-mail and telephone, have turned to text messaging, contacting cell phone users in an unsolicited manner with promises of free [...]


ReCAPTCHA, capish?

I once had the brilliant idea to solve all of the world’s energy problems. You hook a capture device to all of the animated gifs on the internet and harness their motion to transfer it into usable electricity, similar to what they do with windmills. So every time a gif of a cat stuck to [...]