These 10 Places Have The Fastest Internet In The World

Too often, I find myself complaining about slow Internet. At home, at the office, on the go. Sometimes, the frustration leads me to the logic that having no Internet at all would be better than what seems like 28.8k dial-up. According to Akamai Technologies, who publishes a quarterly Internet report with average peak connection speeds, [...]


Here’s How The FCC Plans To Speed Up Wi-Fi

Big news for anyone who believes that Wi-Fi is the future: The FCC is planning on helping boost the speed and capacity of Wi-Fi networks by increasing the spectrum made available for the wireless protocol. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Julius Genachowski said that the new scheme, aimed at increasing speeds and alleviating congestion in [...]


This 4 Wheel ATV + JetSki Combo is real. And it costs $40,000

There is something mythical about an amphibious vehicle. What makes them so mythical? After all, we’ve seen them in movies and they don’t seem too impossible to create. This could be a solid option: The Quadski should be available on the market shortly. The 4 wheeled machine can take you on land or on the [...]


Not Recommended: This engine-propelled baby stroller that travels 50 MPH

Anyone who ever watched the 90s show Home Improvement will appreciate this. Real men are all about power tools, power toys, and now power strollers. Colin Furze built a stroller (or pram, as they like to call them in England) with a 10 horsepower. 125cc engine that’s designed to propel Colin and his one-month-old son [...]

This robot will beat you at Rock, Paper, Scissors every time [video]

VIDEO: A Robot That Will Crush You (or Cut/Cover) in Rock Paper Scissors Every Time!

Did you think that Rock Paper Scissors was just a dinky meaningless game? Think again! The sign The game is a sign of how fast the computer brain can collect and process data. We’ve all seen someone who seemingly couldn’t be beat at Rock Paper Scissors. It seemed like they could see what you were [...]


4 iPhone Tips You May Have Missed Or Forgot To Use (via @jkhowland)

There are a few iPhone tips and tricks that we don’t use very often, but when we need them can be super useful. Because the use case is rare, I know I’ve forgotten them in the past. I thought I’d give you a refresher: Hold Home to Quit the Current App When you close an [...]


How to set up LTE on your new iPad

I don’t know if you went to Verizon or AT&T for your iPad data plan. It doesn’t affect the setup, but it can affect your experience. I chose Verizon for my ‘new’ iPad. And I wouldn’t fault you if you did choose AT&T. You have to go with what works in your area. Am I [...]


Firefox 4

As I became conscious of the technological world around me, I learned of people talking about something called “Firefox.” Apparently it was this button you clicked on your computer to get on to the internets that wasn’t the “E” with a swoop surrounding it. I embraced FireFox for years until Google Chrome came along and won my [...]