iPhone Thief Caught When Photos Show Up On Owner’s Photo Stream

An unfortunate traveler named Sofie had her iPhone stolen while riding the underground in London. Lucky for her, the thief took some a few pics with the stolen phone. Photo Stream automatically uploaded the photos to iCloud, which enabled the owner to see all of the photos that were taken. Using these photos, the police were [...]


There’s A Unit Within The NYPD Responsible For Recovering Stolen iPhones And iPads

New York City residents have one more reason to appreciate the NYPD: they’ve created a dedicated group within the department that specifically handles thefts of iPhones and iPads within the five boroughs. One device was tracked and later recovered as far away as the Dominican Republic. The NY Post spoke with NYPD spokesman Paul Browne [...]


Your iPad mini might be delayed: 3,600 stolen in $1.5M heist

Last night just before midnight, that building at JFK International Airport in New York was the scene of a well-planned heist that might have you fighting mad if you ordered an iPad mini. You see, thieves made off with 3,600 of them – two shipping pallets full – under the cover of darkness. They pulled [...]


Find your lost or stolen gadget with Prey

Everybody loves to get presents, but sadly, some people try to get their presents for free. Let’s just hope nobody steals your new iPhone or laptop. What will you do your fancy new gadget goes missing? (See also: Manhattan thieves take iPhones, leave Droids and BlackBerries) Prey lets you track your phone or laptop Prey [...]