How Much will Amazon Change for the Kindle Tablet?

Amazon is adding a full, web browsing, app installing, media playing tablet to the repertoire of stuff they sell. Adding a single product to a sea of millions of products may not seem like a big deal. But it is. Buying on Amazon online has always been easy. Buying on Amazon on a mobile app [...]


The Amazon Tablet Looks Nothing Like The Android You’re Used To Seeing

The TechCruch news of the legendary Amazon tablet is pretty amazing. No more conjectures, no more waiting for confirmation. Amazon has given the a member of the media a chance to see, touch, and demo the Amazon Kindle tablet. So, what is it? The gist of it is a 7″ screen that looks and feels [...]


The PC Just Turned 30! Is It Time To Say Goodbye?

“Happy birthday, PC! Oh, and uh… we don’t need you anymore. Sorry.” 30 years ago on August 12, 1981, the IBM Personal Computer was born. A lot has happened in 30 years with our friend the PC. But the PC’s time is drawing to a close. We are entering the Post-PC Era, and many of us [...]


Android Increases Market Share by 11%

When I purchased an Android-based smartphone last week, my reasoning was that in the long run, Android would beat out iOS as the dominant mobile operating system. The mobile advertising network Millennial Media boosted my confidence in that assertion when they announced that Android not only remains the most-used OS, but has significantly increased its [...]

Boogie Board tablet

These Digital Pads are Cheap Tablet Alternatives

I hate dealing with stacks of random papers. Usually they just end up being notes and to-do’s that don’t even make any sense a week later. Now you can jot down a quick note for yourself without adding another paper to a stack. Two simple tablets do this: The e-note LCD writing Tablet and the [...]

ZAGGkeys Solo

New Product Coming Soon: ZAGGkeys SOLO – A Standalone Bluetooth Keyboard for Tablets

ZAGGkeys SOLO is a standalone Bluetooth keyboard for tablets. It will come in various colors and act as a stand that supports the tablet in both portrait and landscape view. Watch for ZAGGkeys SOLO to hit very soon. More Tablet Keyboards by ZAGG: ZAGGfolio Logitech Keyboard Case by ZAGG for iPad 2 ZAGGmate


Apple More Valuable Than Microsoft+Intel

A while back we had some posts on this blog discussing how Apple has become the most valuable brand, ever.  Recently the Cupertino Company has been valued as much more than just the most valuable brand, however. MacDailyNews did some number crunching on Friday once the market had closed and predicted Microsoft at a market [...]


Are Tablets Overhyped?

In the past year, we have heard over and over about tablets.  Ever since the iPad launched, it seems as if they are all anyone could talk about.  With all the hype, you would think that a large percentage of people would own a tablet.  As it turns out, that assumption is dead wrong.  Nielsen [...]


iPad 2 review: Is it a Batman Mask?

When I was little, oh, five or six or so, I was obsessed with Batman. One day in the heart of the Halloween season, I found a genuine rubber Batman mask (circa Michael Keaton) at Toys R Us for a whopping $50. That amount might as well have been thousands at that age, but nevertheless, [...]

Screen shot 2011-04-29 at 7.41.43 AM

Google Talk Video Calling on Android

Have you been dying to make video calls on your Android device over Google Talk? Well, die no more. Yesterday, with the announcement of Android 2.3.4., Google has brought Google Talk video calling to the Nexus S and eventually other phones running the “Gingerbread” version of Android. With the update, will you not only be [...]

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