Sony releases new tablets featuring Android 3.0

Apple. Motorola. HP. Samsung. Sony? Yep. That’s right, yesterday Sony unveiled their current offerings to the tablet market: two slate devices with radical form factors that are not only different from their competitors, but different from each other. First up is the creatively named S1. The tablet itself is a smooth wedge shape, reminiscent of [...]

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Amazon Kindle Tablet? Let the speculation begin

Okay, okay, if you are tired of tech rumors and speculation, then you better move onto the next post on the ZAGG blog, because this one is saturated with them. The last couple of weeks, I have been reading and hearing various tech pundits mention, almost in passing, the possibility of an Amazon tablet. I’m [...]

Cheaper Amazon Kindle

Cheaper Kindle!

That’s right, you can now get Amazon’s Kindle for cheaper than it’s normal retail price. There’s only one draw back, you have to put up with advertisements. The question is: is saving a small $25 worth it to you? Amazon’s first ad-supported Kindle will be going on sale for $114 in Target and Best Buy [...]


What do you use your tablet for?

So, you finally broke down and bought some sort of tablet computing device (iPad, Motorola XOOM, Playbook, eventual TouchPad, Galaxy Tab, etc..) how is it? What do you find yourself using it for? Well, if you are part of the majority of ‘tabbing’ individuals, odds are you use it for one main task more than [...]

Motorola Xoom

XOOM: A Freeloader’s Review

Since its release in late February, to the best of my knowledge, I haven’t been able to handle, let alone even see a genuine Motorola XOOM tablet out in wild. I’m not saying that it’s not wildly popular, I’m just saying in my random travels and wanderings, it hasn’t reared it DROID-like head. Things finally [...]


Samsung Galaxy Tab(s)

Well, well, well. Things are about to get a little more interesting in the Apple dominant tablet market. That is, if Samsung keeps up with its promises and offerings recently revealed at their press event at CTIA 2011 in Florida. There had been pretty solid rumors concerning a Galaxy Tab 8.9 which was revealed at [...]

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Military-Grade Apps

Picture this. You are out with your special forces platoon. The enemy is within sight, but has not yet detected your position. You need to be able to get closer to see just how many of them there are, but don’t want to chance being seen. You’ve launched your UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) and it [...]


Tablets you haven’t really heard of…yet

With all of this talk of the iPad 2 and the Motorola XOOM, one would wonder if there were any other tablets out there. Rest easy anxious readers, there are indeed. I’m going to cover a few here with what details are available to whet your tablet appetite. Galaxy Tab 8.9: So, the reason you [...]

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WiFi Only Motorola XOOM

Yes, a WiFi only Motorola XOOM is finally making its debut to reality on March 27th for $599. To quote a tweet from the soon to be departing Engadget EIC, Joshua Topolsky, “should have been announced on day one.” I’d tend to agree as this tablet’s number one competitor, the iPad, has a price tag [...]

Zite Online Magazine

Zite – The Smartest Magazine Yet

Zite is a new, free app that has been introduced for the iPad, some consider it to be the smartest magazine that has hit the market thus far. Zite is a personalized magazine that actually gets smarter the more you use it and is able to tailor itself to meet your needs. Zite can pull [...]

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