NCSU researchers develop an electronic interface that allows them to remotely control cockroaches

North Carolina State University researchers have developed an electronic interface that allows them to remotely control cockroaches. “Our aim was to determine whether we could create a wireless biological interface with cockroaches, which are robust and able to infiltrate small spaces,” says Alper Bozkurt, an assistant professor of electrical engineering at NC State and co-author [...]


A new Citizen watch syncs with your iPhone via Bluetooth

It would seem that the future of watches is the ability to interface with our phones Inspector-Gadget-esque. I love the idea of bluetooth watch that can tell me what my phone says without having to pull out my phone. However, I really like the GQ, classic watch, style. Enter Citizen Almost every watch I own [...]


Tinkermite hopes to teach toddlers about the parts that make up a tablet.

Sweet Kickstarter projects seem to abound lately. One of my new favorites: The Tinker Tablet. An innovative children’s wooden toy tablet that teaches young kids about technology. Designed to inspire creative kids ages 3 and up. The Tinker Tablet from Tinkermite comes with Camera, Wi-Fi, CPU, Memory and Battery ‘modules’. Each of these little wooden [...]


Buckle Up: Here’s What’s Coming in the Next 2 Weeks in Tech

The next two weeks will be a big week in the tech industry, with lots of new products being announced. Here’s a rundown. Wednesday, September 5 – Motorola is expected to announce the new Droid RAZR HD at an event with Verizon in New York. (Details) Wednesday, September 5 – Nokia and Microsoft are holding [...]

LG Develops Flexible, Bendy Battery

LG Develops Flexible, Bendy Battery

The single most limiting device to technology is the battery. You can shrink a battery down, make it as flat as you possibly can, but in the end, you still have a box-like shape that is needed to power any and all devices. LG Chem, a division of LG, might have solved the problem with [...]


The new iPhone connector cable looks like it’s from the future

There has been a constant stream of part leaks for the next iPhone. French sites, chinese sites, and even brazillian sites are all getting in on the part leak train. New parts that have leaked include the speakers, the headset jack, and of course the backplate and glass panel. Two of the more recent parts [...]


A flat disk that folds into a bluetooth mouse, and unfolds into a CD

I tend to use the trackpad even when I have a bluetooth mouse sitting on my desk. I also have a laptop that has no optical drive. If neither of these two things were true, I’d likely hope for a world where this foldable mouse concept were possible. Designer Taewon Hwang came up with the clever [...]

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Schools Embrace New Technology in the Classroom

Out with the old, in with the new – technology that is. With the advent of technology, schools are looking to integrate e-readers and other resources into the classroom. Chalkboards and overhead projectors are slowly being replaced by SMART Boards, which allow teachers to integrate the functionality of a whiteboard with those of tablet computer. [...]


Glasses that let you see ahead while laying flat on your back.

Whatever Works The site Whatever Works has some great little finds. Little things that take care of those little quirks in our lives. They have pouches that scare away squirrels, a wrist band that holds your cell phone, and earlobe repair stickers. Of course, they have glasses that let you see ahead while laying flat [...]


The Ubi – an AI house servant Kickstarter project

Having an AI servant in every room in your house is the dream. Google Now and Siri make it possible to have AI In your pocket, but the batteries of our phones make it impossible to leave them always on. So if you’re cutting up vegitables in the kitchen, it can be a pain to [...]

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