Get A Million-Dollar Painting Delivered To Your Living Room

Rich people. They get the cars, they get the homes, and they get the priceless pieces of art hanging up in their hallways. But for us that can’t afford it all, not to mention, some of the best artwork is in Paris in the Louvre, or other museums spread across the globe, here’s another solution. [...]


Here’s the 110-inch TV That Will Set You Back $300,000

Westinghouse showed up to CES with this bad boy: a 110-inch 4K Ultra HD TV. If that blows your mind, the price tag might stop your heart. It’ll be a “made-to-order” product, expected to retail for $300,000. It’s probably safe to say they’ll sell a few, but the line won’t be forming around the block [...]


Intel TV: Only Pay For The Channels You Actually Watch

If you are a subscriber to a cable or satellite dish television service, take a minute today and click on your programming guide and count how many of the channels that you subscribe to are channels you actually view at least once a month. We live in a time when there are hundreds of television [...]


You Are What You Watch

Can watching mean people on TV really inspire us as people to be mean in real life? Studies indicate that watching a violent TV show arouses the brain’s stimuli to show that same aggression towards real life people and situations. If you were to watch a TV show with a fist fight and then watch [...]


Kids Spend More Time Watching TV Than They Do In School

By the year 1950, almost every American family owned a Television (TV) that had three different channels. Fifty years later, American families have over 100 channels to choose from… Every day, the average person spends over 225 minutes watching TV. That’s almost four hours! Many of us live 14 hour days and using 4 hours [...]


AppleTV + Siri rumors run rampant. Are they right?

Since the release of Steve Jobs’ biography, rumors about an impending release of a new AppleTV have been rampant. “I’ve finally cracked the code,” Jobs told his biographer. He finally figured out how to change the world of TV with a new, revolutionary, magical Apple TV. What did he discover? Cat videos. Siri is making a [...]


Has Netflix Killed Cable in Your Home?

It took me a while to get Netflix; I just didn’t know how much I would use it. Everyone kept pestering me, and while I knew they were probably right, I resisted for a long time. When I finally got a Wii last year (I know, I know, but my student income was pretty sad!), [...]


5 Technologies That Are Going to Make the Rapture Awesome

It took me a while, but I finally got around to reading about my demise today. (I’m assuming I’m not one of the 200 million to be saved during the rapture.) This article had a gem from a believer in Oakland: “That’s why God raised up all the technology and the satellites so everyone can [...]


What is Important in a TV?

According to a recent study performed by DisplaySearch, consumers are replacing their televisions at a greater rate then ever before.  The results of the study provided some intriguing information about when and why people are replacing the televisions. There are always the obvious reasons someone might think of to justify purchasing a newer TV set. [...]