How To Prank People With Their Own Facebook Profile

This is an old trick, but most people still haven’t seen it. If you click this URL (https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?=87912848), it’ll load YOUR Facebook profile. I’m talking to each of you individually here, because it loads the profile for the person logged in at that time. The numbers at the end of the URL don’t matter at [...]


Your Own Year in Review, Facebook-style

If you want a fun way to look back over 2012 as it comes to a close, use the link facebook.com/YearInReview – it loads specifically to your profile, as long as you’re currently signed in. Once you get there, you’ll see the top 20 events, stories and photos you shared this year. It makes for [...]

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Coca-Cola’s Creative Riddle Marketing With Facebook Timeline

Coca-Cola has done it again and is challenging its 40 million-plus Facebook fans with URL riddles to engage them in product marketing. The riddles lead them to colorful and interactive treats once they are solved. Recently, the brand has turned to fill-in-the-blank riddles like the one below: “Even if they pop I smile. It’s no [...]

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Timeline’s Biggest Problem

Before everyone converts to the new Facebook timeline, I thought it would be appropriate to do a little digging around for any forgotten problems. Low and behold, I’ve found the biggest problem yet; Timeline only goes as far back as the year 1800. For those Facebook Timeline brand pages out there like Princeton and the [...]

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Timeline: How Cover Photos Can Help Promote Your Brand

Although Facebook’s new Timeline has received an array of mixed reviews, it has proved to be a genius marketing tool for major brands that use the massive social networking site. One of Timeline’s most significant features is the option for a cover photo, used by many Facebook users to emphasize their personality, families and life. [...]

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5 Tips For The Updated Facebook iPhone App

Facebook seems to make the world go around these days, so it is only natural that the iPhone App is so popular. The newest version (4.1) comes with updates such as the new mobile Timeline design and many other quirks that make it an absolute must have. Here are a few fun tips to help [...]

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Facebook Changes: Timeline Arrives

In September at F8, (Facebook’s yearly developers conference) they announced several new features that are going to be added to Facebook in the near future. One of them is a change to your profile page they are calling Timeline. Timeline is a new kind of profile that takes all your status updates, photos, check-ins, and [...]