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How To Keep Track Of Business Contacts With Days App

Sometimes I find large conferences overwhelming.  With thousands of potential contacts milling about, leading to numerous new friends and business opportunities, I also find it hard to properly organize and keep track of each new relationship. Say hello to the Days app, by Wander.  I previously wrote about Days but focused on using the app [...]


How To Network At SXSW

Are you one of the lucky 49,000 or so to attend SXSW this year? If so, enjoy every moment. Your days will be full of classes, innovative booths, exciting company announcements, and your nights will be filled with, well, a lot of happening parties. There’s a reason this could be argued the top multimedia conference [...]


Social Media Tips For Parents

My 17-year old niece was recently grounded. Part of her grounding included the restriction of internet usage. What did not occur to her father (my brother) was that teens are smart – and may be on social platforms that parents are less familiar with. I spotted a picture posted on Instagram during school hours, notified [...]

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What do the Amazon Kindle Fire SKUs at Staples tell us?

So, the online community is abuzz about the Reuters report. The article claims that there will be “five or six” new Kindle Fire models. Where did they pick up this claim? From president of U.S. Retail for Staples, Demos Parneros. The Reuters reporters and Parneros may indeed be very intelligent and understand what I’m about [...]


4 iPhone Tips You May Have Missed Or Forgot To Use (via @jkhowland)

There are a few iPhone tips and tricks that we don’t use very often, but when we need them can be super useful. Because the use case is rare, I know I’ve forgotten them in the past. I thought I’d give you a refresher: Hold Home to Quit the Current App When you close an [...]


Take control of Mac OS X Lion’s Launchpad

So, you think iOS would be a good paradigm for Mac. You like all of the features moving over from iOS to Mac. And now you’d like to maximize the most blatent of those features: Launchpad. Here is a quick video, an overview, and my favorite tip below. Basic concept Launchpad is based on the [...]


Kill those pesky “update available” pop-ups forever with Ninite

Ninite lets you install and update multiple programs at once. It’s really simple, and will save you a lot of time if you use Windows. Ninite claims to be “The Easiest, Fastest Way to Update or Install Software”. Great for setting up a new computer “No Clicking Next, Next, Next” — Ninite Ninite helps you [...]


My Mac Blogging Tools: TextWrangler, Markdown and Safari

Why I’m writing this: I was recently at a blogging meeting and discussed the tools that I use. Everyone seemed to think it sounded complicated. In truth, it is simple, elegant, and makes it very easy to search my blog posts for errors before posting. 3 Steps to Better Blog Content 1 – My first [...]

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Mac Protip: Keyboard Shortcut to Show All Files, Hide All Files

Required Ingredients: – Shell Script Code (see below) – Automator – Quicksilver (optionally set as Finder Plug-in) This small issue has been one of great trouble for me over the last couple weeks. I had to move a file for a web service called .htaccess. The period at the beginning of the file means that [...]


How To Know When To Buy Your Next Apple Product

Apple users are notoriously early adopters. We love new products. We all want the latest and greatest, and last years model feels so “last year”. We are driven by WHAT is coming and WHEN! I recently posted a few reasons Apple might have to keep their product dates under wraps. But that doesn’t change the [...]