Delta starts check-in option to Facebook

You can now check-in for your Delta flights via Facebook. In the past year or so, Delta has expanded their check-in services to meet the growing prevalence of smart-phones users. The Facebook feature is a new step in their “easy to use” technology plan. Users can check in, print their boarding passes, view and share [...]


Technology to Teach Toddlers

Technology will always continue its slow and steady march into our lives, but one of the more recent developments has been the introduction of tech toys into the learning environment. While it is certainly not too far-fetched to picture high school and middle school students using laptops and other various tech items for schoolwork, children [...]


Do Work: Grab Your iPad

The iPad is the king of the tablet market and can be found in living rooms across the US. One thing that you may not expect though, is that the iPad is working its way into the boardroom as well. While it is still certainly a leisure item, the iPad has seen its share of [...]


Video Games – The New Gym

It’s the start of a new year and resolutions are fresh in our minds and for at least the next two weeks we will be dedicated to them. Number one on that resolution list for most is to lose a few pounds, something that is on the list year after year. This year though, the [...]