Star Wars ABC Poster

Use This Star Wars Alphabet Poster To Teach Your Child The ABC’s

Yoda said, “Truly how wonderful the mind of a child is.”   They are quick to learn (so watch what you do and say), kind, and non-judgmental.  That means you can brainwash them from age zero into loving all the things you do. And why not use a cool piece of art while you’re at [...]


Tinkermite hopes to teach toddlers about the parts that make up a tablet.

Sweet Kickstarter projects seem to abound lately. One of my new favorites: The Tinker Tablet. An innovative children’s wooden toy tablet that teaches young kids about technology. Designed to inspire creative kids ages 3 and up. The Tinker Tablet from Tinkermite comes with Camera, Wi-Fi, CPU, Memory and Battery ‘modules’. Each of these little wooden [...]


Apps for Your Kids

Giving your toddler your brand new $499 iPad or $299 Android device may not seem like the best way to entertain your little one. If you have gotten pass this fear here are a few ways to keep them entertained without them messing with data on your device. Kid Mode: This app has been the [...]


Technology to Teach Toddlers

Technology will always continue its slow and steady march into our lives, but one of the more recent developments has been the introduction of tech toys into the learning environment. While it is certainly not too far-fetched to picture high school and middle school students using laptops and other various tech items for schoolwork, children [...]