For $599 you can own an adult-sized Big Wheel

When I was a kid, I had a Big Wheel. No tricycles for me, man. No, no no. I didn’t need one of those little red wussie three-wheelers with their handlebar tassles. I had a Big Wheel, and it was good. Cruising up and down the driveway, pedaling like I was a five year old [...]


Unsurprisingly, this USB-powered squirming tentacle does nothing but squirm in a tentacle-like manner

I was looking around for geeky Christmas presents and found something fun. ThinkGeek has a sweet little product: USB Squirming Tentacle. Show your love for Cthulhu (or just octopuses or kraken) with the USB Squirming Tentacle. Simply plug it into your USB port and it will fill your computer with unspeakable evils. Just kidding, it [...]


Angry Birds Star Wars toys launch alongside iOS and Android apps

Fresh of the news that Disney has purchased future rights to the Star Wars franchise, the Angry Birds franchise has their own intergalactic news: Star Wars toys. The Angry Birds Star Wars edition is hitting the iOS App Store and Google Play today. The apps will cost $.99 and contain all of the Luke, Han, [...]

lego go kart

A real go-kart made of legos

As you can see from the video it doesn’t drive fast. In fact, I would say it rolls, rather than drives at all. The build process was documented by the creator Eric Steenstra’s with quite a few photos. It may not be the winner of the next WKA Divisionals, but it’s definitely cool. Wouldn’t you [...]


Finally, a laser air guitar for the rocker inside us all

Who doesn’t love rocking out on the air guitar? You’re in a club and the house band starts playing “Freebird” and you all of a sudden start strumming invisible strings, arching your back like you’re rocking the solo in front of a packed house of 90,000 fans…yeah, you’ve done it before, we’ve all done it [...]


Go for a spin with these motorized skates

Remember the good old days of feeling the wind on your face while rollerskating? No? For many, this is a lost pastime, but there’s a chance that it may get a jumpstart thanks to a new gadget call SpnKiX, recently displayed at CES 2012. These skates are motorized and battery powered and will strap right [...]

Syma S107

This $30 Toy Helicopter is My Favorite Gadget

Forget about your iDevices and your desserty droids. What fun is a tiny screen with pixels changing colors as you touch it? Get real people, and join the rest of humanity in the 3D world. That may have been what my wife was thinking when she got me the Syma S107 R/C Helicopter for Christmas [...]


Creepily Accurate Steve Jobs Figurine Announced for Preorder

Apple fans have made a number of unofficial toys in honor of their favorite fruit company, with founder Steve Jobs being the most popular. As would be expected, Apple has frowned upon all of them. Apple’s distaste for the bobble heads and action figures has resulted in a strange grey-market niche where a small company [...]

The Robotic Ball You Control With Your Smartphone

Adam Wilson and Ian Bernstein got a challenge in the summer of 2010 – to create a robot with broad consumer appeal. If their latest product is any indication, they nailed it. Sphero is the robotic ball that you can control with your smartphone. It works with iOS and Android, and there are a number [...]


Hasbro Sues ASUS for Naming of Transformer Prime

In a world of so many Android devices it hard to come up with a really good name that stands out above the others. ASUS certainly has felt that way its Transformer series and its newest tablets name, the Transformer Prime. Hasbro is now in the process of suing them because of their use of [...]