Since 1996, Only Three Different Web Sites Have Ranked No. 1 For Traffic

The World Wide Web as we know it has been increasingly rapidly in popularity since the mid-1990s, but in almost two decades of time, only a handful of different Web sites have held the title of being the “most popular” for a given year, according to the Washington Post. This graphic here details the top [...]


Does Google Maps Account For Traffic?

You’ve got somewhere to be in 15 minutes, but you don’t know how you get there. Seeing as it’s 2013, you whip out your smartphone, tap on Google Maps, type in the address of the place you’re going, and you’re greeted with the option of selecting from a list of routes: “18 minutes with medium [...]


Google Adds Data From Waze To Maps App

Back in June, I told you about Google acquiring Israeli startup Waze, a popular GPS mapping service for Android and iOS. I said: “For the time being, the two maps (and their respective apps) will remain separate. However, it’s only a matter of time before all that data from Waze starts finding its way into [...]


36 Million Waze Users Contributed More Than 90 Million Traffic Reports Over Six Billion Miles In 2012

A report from social traffic and navigation app company Waze this week revealed that of the millions of users of the Waze traffic app, nearly 100 Million reports of traffic hazards, speed traps, and other traffic information have been submitted to help make commuting easier for all of us on the road. If you haven’t [...]

Facebook went down and the web barely noticed

Facebook went down and the web barely noticed

This is a story that I found very interesting. As you may know (heck, I’m sure you know, because you’re informed and you probably were impacted) Facebook went down Thursday evening for some time, and was slow to load throughout the evening and into the early morning hours. It was difficult, if not down right [...]


How Google Maps is helping us get there faster

Many of us who aren’t the world’s finest navigators have been able to make our destinations thanks to the lovely Google Maps.  The app informs us how many mile’s we’ll be traveling, however we can never be too sure how long the trek will take because of traffic. Fortunately that’s about to change; Google Maps [...]

Need To Bounce app

Never be late again with an app that combines calendar, GPS, and traffic

It’s happened to many of us: You’re sitting in a meeting, and you have another appointment coming up across town, and you’ve slated 20 minutes to get to the next appointment because it never takes more than 20 minutes to get to that part of town. But then, while driving to the meeting, you encounter [...]

SignalGuru by MIT & Princeton

Save Gas, Say Goodbye To Red Lights Forever

What if you could download an app for your phone that would make your car more fuel-efficient? How would you like it if you never had to sit at a red light again? Technically, you’ve always had the option to just run it, but now there’s a better way. Researchers at MIT and Princeton are [...]

Google’s Automatic Car

Take A Ride In Google’s Self-driving Car

Google has invented a car that drives itself, and is apparently giving out some joy rides. Google’s automated car was introduced to the world about a year ago, but recently a fortunate few were able to get inside and take a ride in the Google autobot. Thankfully, they chose to share a video so you could [...]