Tips, Tricks, And How To Use Your Phone Cheaply When You Travel Overseas

I’m currently backpacking around the world. I left the U.S. last week and I’m currently in New Zealand. From here, I’ll head to Southeast Asia, followed by India, Dubai, and Russia, before coming home in June. However, I’m still connected to my friends, family, and ZAGGblog by way of my iPhone 5S, which I brought [...]


FAA Approves Pilot Use of iPads In The Cockpit

One of the top complaints of an air-traveling techie is the FAA requirement of turning off electronic devices for takeoff and landing. It’s inconvenient to power down and put them away, and doesn’t seem like our modern electronic devices are capable of causing any type of flight disturbance. Last month, the FAA approved use of  [...]


Tasty Tech Tuesday

It’s here again! Tasty Tech Tuesday! I know I’m a little overly excited but I just threw out every Valentine decoration I have seen! Oh what a great feeling. Getting on to more important details about this weeks line up, I’m really excited to bring to you some very innovative products. Square – Free This [...]


Traveling soon? Get the Google Translate iPhone app

Meet my new favorite app for the iPhone, Google Translate. My dad and I were checking this out on his iPhone 3Gs and we couldn’t get enough of it. The app which was just released for Apple just Tuesday (2/8/11) is sure to make it on your top app list when traveling. The app is [...]