Samsung’s Android-powered Galaxy Camera launches in the UK this week. It will cost $637

Starting Thursday Samsung is launching an Android-powered camera in the UK: The Galaxy Camera. I’ve consistently been surprised with every new product announcement that the market didn’t present an Android-powered iPod competitor. The iPod Touch is one of the best selling devices at Apple, and it seems that it all but completely overtook the iPod [...]


Apple publicly apologizes to Samsung, Twitter reacts

A new link appears on Apple’s UK home page: “Samsung / Apple UK judgement”. Here’s the recap: a UK court found Samsung not-guilty of copying the design of the iPad for its Galaxy Tab tablets. The court ordered Apple to post an acknowledgement and apology on their UK website and in local newspapers. The new link [...]


This is a 3-D Printed Cubic Kite that will fly, but it doesn’t look like it should.

These are some of the most gorgeous kite pictures ever. Take a look. You may see them and think they don’t look like kites. They just look like big foam boxes. The shape, and the complexity, and then the flight are ironic and fun. These big boys don’t just fly, they do so with grace. [...]


White iPhone 4. Really? Really?

Okay, this is almost becoming sort of a joke. The Apple rumor sites are claiming once again that the  fabled white iPhone 4 will finally be making its debut in the next couple of weeks. Sadly its not a joke that it won’t really be happening, but it’s a joke that they may actually release [...]


FLASH! (Nope, it’s not Adobe)

By now you have probably seen some funny flash mob videos on YouTube.  The idea of the flash mob has been fairly popular for different marketing campaigns (the T-Mobile dance comes to mind), but they’ve also found there place in the world of “just because.”  A lot of the flash mob videos have a bunch [...]