Apple To Sell Unlocked iPhone 4 In The U.S.

It seems like just about everyone I know owns an iPhone. Every chance I get I take my dad’s iPhone and play games he has on it. I think they’re great. So, I’m sure plenty of people are thrilled about the fact the unlocked iPhone 4 is now available in Apple retail stores. According to [...]


iMessage to destroy text messaging plans?

Apparently, according to Daring Fireball, iPhone carriers AT&T, Verizon, and others found out about the new messaging app at the keynote yesterday. iMessage gives iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users free and unlimited text, picture, video, location, or data messaging between iOS 5 devices (iPhones, iPod touches, & iPads).


Are these Android smartphones better than the iPhone?

The iPhone has had a good run, being at the top of the game when it comes to smartphones. But, that could all change with the Android phones “that aim to bury the tuckered-out leader this year,” according to Scott Moritz’s article on Yahoo! Shopping. He also says that Samsung, Motorola, HTC, and LG “have promised [...]

HTC Thunderbolt

HTC Thunderbolt Sells for $130 on Amazon

If you are a new Verizon customer, you were in luck over the weekend. Verizon was offering new customers the opportunity to buy the HTC Thunderbolt, Verizon’s new super-phone, for only $130 this past weekend. The deal was set to end Monday at midnight. Those who were lucky enough to cash in on this deal [...]


Get the iPhone 4 now or wait for the iPhone 5?

So that wonderfully time has arrived when my two year contract with my service provider ends! It is almost as joyous as Christmas, only because it seems like it has been so long since this day was last here. I have been lucky enough to use a Droid X on rental for the past little [...]


iPad 2 or iPad 1?

“Thinner. Faster. Lighter. FaceTime. Smart Covers. 10 Hour Battery.” not your thing? Just want an iPad for the sake of saying that you have an iPad? Well, now is your time to buy. At the launch of the iPad 2, Apple dropped the price across the board of the original iPad by $100 to get [...]

HTC ThunderBolt™

Ask Moore Questions: Thunderbolt vs. iPhone 5

First of all, thanks for all of the great questions sent to “Ask Moore Questions” (submit to askmoorequestions at gmail.com). I think this is going to be a great feature on the ZAGG Blog. Let me do my part and reply to one of the questions I recently received. Sam asks… Hey, You’ve got to [...]

images1 How Successful is the Verizon iPhone

How Successful is the Verizon iPhone?

Based on all the commercials and advertisements I would have thought that Verizon was on the verge of toppling Apple with the release of the Verizon iPhone. It seemed to me that the release of the iPhone to Verizon was almost as exciting as the release of the first iPhone (or the release of our [...]


Helping you feel the “G’s”

1G, 2G, red G, blue G? “So you’re saying the 2G iPhone had 3G?” You probably kind of know what 3G is. That’s the thing you pay for each month that gives you ‘internets’ wherever you go. Before that you must have had 2G something, but that was referred to as “EDGE” or “GPRS”, now [...]


Experience Xperia Play, Sony Ericsson’s New Game Phone

Perhaps you have already heard about it, seen it, read about it, or heard rumors of it, but Sony Ericsson is coming out with a new phone.  A phone that is more about gaming than it is about being a phone.  A phone that flips out in to a…Playstation Certified controller?! Yep, that’s right.  The [...]

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