VHS Clutch

6 Creative DIY Ideas For Those Unwanted VHS Tapes

In case you saw our “8 Reasons VCRs Need To Make A Comeback” blog post and still weren’t convinced to keep those tapes around, here are 6 creative ideas for things you can do with your old VHS tapes. I’m not sure if I’m cheap or green, but I still have more VHS tapes than [...]

Picture 18

Old School Technology Turned New Accessories

What do you do with old VHS and cassette tapes, keyboards and other outdate tech stuff? You make accessories out of them of course! Take a tip from these artists and turn your old tech junk into new-school fashion. Below are some examples of these upscaled fashion accessories that are sure to give you a [...]


Yes, Weird Al Is Still Making Music

My first-ever CD was Running With Scissors by Weird Al Yankovic.  Do you remember what your first CD was?  Do you even remember what music CDs are?  I kid, I kid.  CDs aren’t nearly as obsolete as VHS tapes these days, though portable CD players are definitely becoming more that way.  If we go back [...]