Here’s an iPhone keyboard concept that measures vibrations to figure out what key you’re typing [video]

The iPhone can pick up some killer vibrations with it’s accelerometer. In fact, one developer Florian Krautli has come up with a prototype Vibrative Virtual Keyboard for the smartphone. The Vibrative Virtual Keyboard uses the iPhone’s accelerometer sensor to “measure the amplitude of tiny vibrations that emerge when a person is ‘typing’ on a hard [...]

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Where do I sell my used eBooks?

Imagination time. It’s the beginning of the semester and you are pricing out your textbooks for your fancy new classes. You’ve found your required “Adventures in Bio-Chemistry” book for $450.00 in hard cover, tangible form, but also found it for $200.00 in eBook format which will fit just nicely on your new Amazon Kindle DX. [...]


Payvment brings the retail storefront to Facebook

Payvment is a new e-commerce site that brings the retail storefront to Facebook. Stores and various retailers can launch their own store front on Payvment through their Facebook app. This virtual mall will offer over 1 million products from around 50,000 different retailers. Retailers spend about 15 minutes creating a storefront for the app and [...]