Vudu Spark

Walmart’s Vudu Spark Is A Small Price And Offers Even Smaller Options

We are in the age of cable cutting. With so much content available via the Internet, people are searching for ways to get rid of cable but still be able to use that huge flat screen in their living room. Cutting the cable would not be worth it if you had to watch everything on [...]


This App Makes Ordering Beauty Products Cheap And Easy

Think about the things you usually buy in the beauty aisle at the grocery store or at the drug store. Toothpaste. Lipstick. Shampoo. In a lot of cases (especially if you’re a procrastinator), you only know you need to buy these items when you run out of your existing supply, and if you’re like me, [...]


Gift Cards To Amazon, Walmart, and More For Gifts Not Delivered In Time For Christmas

It was a banner season for Amazon.  Sales went through the roof for most online retailers.  Somehow, this was surprising to some.  A surprise at the demand for deliveries combined with winter weather meant that many people did not get their packages in time for the big day. Amazon is apologizing to those effected by [...]


Roundup: Our Most Popular Blog Posts This Week

Over the past week our most popular blog posts have been Tweeted, posted on Facebook and LinkedIn along with being pinned on Pinterest. Get on the ZAGG bus and follow us to learn about the latest tech news, gadgets, apps, accessories and even our giveaways.  Here’s a rounded up list of the latest and greatest [...]


The Cheapest Place To Buy An iPhone 5s And iPhone 5c

Walmart will sell the iPhone 5s at a $10 discount and the iPhone 5c at a $20 discount. According to multiple reports, the discounted prices require a two-year contract with a network provider. Walmart is also discounting the older iPhones, including the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4. Keep an eye on Walmart’s prices here or [...]

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Social Media’s Top Retailers

In this day and age, it is practically mandatory for brands to be linked to some form of social media, whether is be Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ or even Pinterest. Facebook for instant has the most branded pages which is likely due to the network’s maturity and effectiveness of their paid advertising options. Facebooks top [...]

Convert your DVDs at Walmart

Convert your DVDs at Walmart to a Vudu digital copy

Walmart has teamed up with UltraViolet to help you easily digitize you DVD library. This is all done through VUDU’s Disc to Digital. You take your DVDs into Walmart, they record what titles you have and then link them to your free VUDU account. You choose what resolution you want, pay, take your DVDs home [...]

apple walmart deal

Apple Stores Coming to a Sam’s Club Near You

Apple is the #1 retailer in the United States when measured by revenue per square foot, and the electronic conglomerate is looking to expand its footprint even further if the latest reports hold true. Apple may be in preliminary talks with Sam’s Club to house mini Apple Stores in each location. Apple currently has similar [...]


Microsoft Wants Seamlessness Between Bing, XBox, Windows Phones

During Black Friday I bravely delved in to the section of Walmart where employees and cops were throwing out copies of Xbox games to the crowd.  It was absolute pandemonium.  It struck me then just how popular video games were, especially the Xbox. Microsoft already knows this, of course, and are taking steps to seamlessly [...]

Walmart adds VUDU video streaming

Walmart Gets Into Video Streaming With VUDU

Walmart just entered the online video streaming arena. On Tuesday, Walmart announced that it would integrate VUDU online streaming service onto its website. With this move, Walmart hopes “to offer customers ‘one continuous shopping’ channel.” With other major companies like Amazon, Apple, and Google investing more and more into video streaming, it’s easy to forget [...]