President Obama May Soon Trade His BlackBerry for an Android

A recent report from The Wall St. Journal says that the White House is in the early stages of testing Android phones from Samsung and LG to replace President Barack Obama’s BlackBerry. The President has used a modified BlackBerry from the White House since taking office in 2008. While the President uses an iPad for [...]


Here’s What 10 Of The Internet’s Biggest Sites Looked Like 15 Years Ago

If you’ve never heard of the Wayback Machine, it’s essentially a “time machine” created by archive.org to take you back to different points in Internet history. It’s also a great time waster — you’ve been warned. I put together a list of 10 major websites and went back 15 years. A few of them didn’t [...]


White House Agrees: Unlocking Cell Phones Should Be Legalized

A petition started just more than a month ago on WhiteHouse.gov received more than 114,000 signatures (including mine) to legalize yours and my ability to legally unlock our cell phones for use on any carrier. The petition needed 100,000 signatures to receive an official response from the White House. In a response titled “It’s Time [...]


This Is Why Unlocking Your Phone Could Cost You $2,500

Remember the Digital Millenium Copyright Act from back in 2010? It’s reared its ugly head again now that a certain part of it has gone into full effect. We thought this might pertain to many of you, our tech loving readers. I’ll save you the legal mumbo jumbo and hundreds of pages of briefs (you [...]


Ridiculous Petitions To The White House: You Won’t Know Whether To Laugh Or Cry

Earlier this week, BuzzFeed published a hilarious list of 25 real, official petitions which have been submitted to the White House (by real people) for consideration. And yes, in case you’re wondering, they all have collected at least a handful of signatures. And laughs. Tons of laughs. Here are my three favorites (in no particular [...]