White Nexus 5 Leaks; Launch Imminent

Last night, for a few brief minutes, the LG Nexus 5 page went live on Google Play. It was pulled down as quickly as it came, but it gave us a glimpse, and confirmation of sorts, that the rumors we’d been hearing were proving themselves to be accurate. As we wrote about last night, the [...]


White Nexus 4 Now Available On Google Play [Free Bumper Included]

While Google has yet to release a new Nexus device for 2013, they have updated the LG Nexus 4 with a new color option: white. It’s available today on Google Play for $299 (8gb) or $349 (16gb). As part of the launch, Google is including the bumper case (similar to our Perimeter Case) for FREE. [...]


Sold Out: White iPad mini

If you didn’t wait up to pre-order your iPad mini last night, it looks like you might be waiting a little longer. All three size configurations (16GB, 32GB, 64GB) in the WiFi-only White models sold out before the sun came up, pushing back shipping estimates to two weeks. It was either more popular or stock [...]


White iPhone 4 Fatter Than Black Version?

The short answer is no.  Read on for the long answer. After nearly 10 months since it was first announced, the white iPhone 4 has finally been released.  While I find myself wondering how many people actually rushed out to replace their black iPhone 4 with a white one (something I personally think would be [...]


The White iPhone 4 and Santa Do Exist

Well folks. It was posted and posted again, but now it is official, the white iPhone from Apple does exist. The announcement was made yesterday by a simple ad (seen above) shown when you visit The phone, as has been mentioned  before, was originally scheduled to be launched alongside the black model back in [...]


White iPhone 4. Really? Really?

Okay, this is almost becoming sort of a joke. The Apple rumor sites are claiming once again that the  fabled white iPhone 4 will finally be making its debut in the next couple of weeks. Sadly its not a joke that it won’t really be happening, but it’s a joke that they may actually release [...]


iPad 2: A freeloader’s review

So, I haven’t purchased an iPad 2 for myself yet, but still got caught up in the excitement of launch day and wanted to at least ‘heft’ one for myself. After dinner with my family, we went to a 3rd party Apple store to see the Cupertino Company’s latest gem. The store had sold out [...]


iPad 2 Revealed

So as many you tech-savvy (read: nerds) people like myself already know, Apple officially revealed the iPad 2. The new model features some new upgrades over the first model, and will ship to stores on March 11th.  The prices are the same as the original, $499 for the 16GB to $699 for the 64GB. With [...]


How Yong is Too Young for Facebook; Michelle Obama States Her Case

I have seen this story plastered over countless different websites lately. First-lady Michelle Obama does not want her two daughters to use Facebook. I’ve heard responses to this vary from that the White House has a vendetta against the site, to the fact that Michelle Obama is stifling her girls’ growth. I wrote awhile back [...]


White House Partners with Tech Giants for Start-up Initiative

The White House announced plans for its “Startup America” corporation, which will be a foundation of large companies designed at “growing entrepreneurship in America. The corporation will be headed by AOL co-founder Steve Case, and will be backed by other tech giants such as Google, IBM and HP. Many, if not all, of the most [...]