Sochi 2014

Olympic Apps You’ll Need For Sochi 2014

It’s Olympic Time!  I’m really excited about this.  The Winter Olympics happen only once every 4 years, so we have to make the most of them each time.  Sochi, Russia and all of our Olympians have been preparing for years to make these two weeks incredible for everybody.  Here are some Apps that will help [...]


The HTC Windows Phone 8X Arrives Today

AT&T announced on its website yesterday morning tgat beginning today, November 9th, the Windows Phone 8X by HTC will officially be available in two storage sizes: 8gb and 16gb, and two colors: California Blue (8gb and 16gb) and Limelight (8gb only). Pricing for the 8gb model is $100 and pricing for the 16gb model is [...]


Listen to Bill Gates talk about Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, and Surface

The hype around Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Microsoft Surface has been building for the last few months. Whether these products live up to that hype remains yet to be seen. Microsoft is spending over one billion dollars on pre-launch Surface advertising. Earlier today, Microsoft released an interview with company founder and Chairman, Bill [...]

Windows Phone 8

Microsoft Announces 8 Updates for Windows Phone 8

Microsoft unveiled the details for their new Windows Phone 8 Apollo on Wednesday during their Windows Phone Summit, capping off a busy week on the heels of the Microsoft Surface announcement. Appropriately, they announced 8 specific updates that will be a part of Windows Phone 8. Hardware Updates. The primary updates to the hardware include [...]