Microsoft Is Building A Single App Store For Both Windows And Devices

Microsoft Is Building A Single App Store For Both Windows And Devices

A report this week from The Verge suggests that Microsoft is preparing to release a new version of its app store that will be used for both applications on the future Windows 8.1 operating system as well as Windows phones. Although it is not confirmed at this point, such a release could be a precursor [...]


41MP Camera Included: Nokia’s New Lumia 1020 [Gallery]

Earlier this week, I gave you 10 fun facts you probably didn’t know about Nokia’s history with photography and camera phones. Just as we expected, the Finnish company is paving the way for even more smartphone photography awesomeness. While must of us are running around with 8 or 13mp cameras on our phones, the new [...]


Photo Buffs: 10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Nokia Camera Phones

Fun fact about Nokia: From 1998 to 2012, they were the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer, at one point selling more than 40% of all cell phones worldwide. They’re long-time lovers of photography, and have included cameras in most of their phones released since 2001. So, if you’re always on the go and you rely [...]


Judge Holds Self In Contempt For Windows Phone Interruption

You’ve probably heard of teachers penalizing students for any usage of cell phones while in the classroom.  What you might not have heard as many stories on are penalties for anyone in the courtroom caught with a similar smartphone device. A Michigan judge created a policy for his courtroom that any electronic devices causing a [...]


Stay comfortable in bed or on the couch with this long snake-like stand for your iPhone

Lazy phone users get all the fun toys. Now there is a long snake-like stand for your iPhone to keep you comfortable in bed or on the couch. iPhone Overhead Carpal Tunnel If you’re anything like me, you’ve been there: either late at night, or early morning, holding the iPhone up above your head so [...]

Windows Phone 8

Microsoft Announces 8 Updates for Windows Phone 8

Microsoft unveiled the details for their new Windows Phone 8 Apollo on Wednesday during their Windows Phone Summit, capping off a busy week on the heels of the Microsoft Surface announcement. Appropriately, they announced 8 specific updates that will be a part of Windows Phone 8. Hardware Updates. The primary updates to the hardware include [...]

nokia exclusives

The Good And Bad Of Exclusive Nokia Lumia Apps

Nokia has been working hard to promote it’s flagship Windows Phone lineup. Their latest move may be good news for Nokia, but may signal trouble for the Windows Phone platform as a whole. Nokia announced that they have procured deals with some app makers that will guarantee that some apps will be available exclusively for [...]


Verizon will throw it’s weight in to help Windows Phone

I’ve made enough of a fuss about the fact that Verizon reps push Android phones. Now it’s time to talk about Verizon’s upcoming push for Windows phone. Weightier players Windows Phone handsets have struggled. They haven’t had nearly the sales that Microsoft was hoping for, even with Nokia backing the operating system full force. It [...]


Each US household receives about 850 pieces of junk mail per year. Stop it with this app

PaperKarma, founded by Seattle software developers Brendan Ribera and Sean Mortazavi, made a splash last month with their new mobile app touting the mantra ‘Kill Junk Mail, Save Trees’. The app is dead simple: snap a picture of your junk mail, and PaperKarma ensures that you don’t get any more of it. With annual estimated [...]


Microsoft Wants Seamlessness Between Bing, XBox, Windows Phones

During Black Friday I bravely delved in to the section of Walmart where employees and cops were throwing out copies of Xbox games to the crowd.  It was absolute pandemonium.  It struck me then just how popular video games were, especially the Xbox. Microsoft already knows this, of course, and are taking steps to seamlessly [...]

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