Will The Next iPhone Charge Without Wires?

After waiting for years, we’re finally starting to see wireless electricity gain traction. Some smartphones, such as the Nokia Lumia 920, feature wireless charging. As more smartphones include wireless charging, rumors will increasingly beg to question — Will the iPhone 5 charge wirelessly? There’s no compelling evidence yet, but let’s investigate the possibilities. Why Apple would [...]


5 Up And Coming Products Of The Future

The world of the Jetsons doesn’t seem far off with these futuristic products currently in development. The majority of these products are just concepts, but are one way or another all in effect. Check out this quick list to peek into what’s coming in the future. Wireless Electricity: Companies are currently working to make cellphone [...]

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The power plant of tomorrow… is no power plant: A different take on the future of energy.

Justin Hall-Tipping explains how to go off the grid in a unique presentation on alternate energy. (Watch on TED) What separates it from the rest? It seems attainable, albeit in the somewhat distant future. Here are three ways he plans to conserve significant amounts of energy: Improved temperature control = significant energy savings Carbon nanotubes, [...]


How Close Are We To Wireless Electricity?

Actually, wireless electricity debuted at TED over two years ago. WiTricity CEO Eric Giler demonstrated a magic device that wirelessly powered a TV and some smartphones: Though the idea of wireless electricity has been around since Tesla, things are finally getting started. WiTricity, manufacturer IHI, and Mitshubishi motors are getting together to make wireless chargers for electric [...]


Just announced: Wireless Charging Stations For Electric Cars

You’ll be able to pull straight into your driveway, get out of the car, and walk straight into your house. Your car will start charging just by being parked in the right spot. There will be no need to plug it in. WiTricity, Mitsibushi, and IHI are all teaming up to make this happen. Details [...]