These Are The Things That People Wish Apple Will Do Next

Now that Apple has announced a new iPad lineup including the iPad Air, and a Retina-display iPad Mini, and also released its new desktop operating system OSX Mavericks for free, people are turning to what they hope the Cupertino computing giant will do next. Here is a sample of wishes from Twitter: [View the story [...]


These Are The Things People Wish Apple Would Do

Apple does a lot to make our lives better. They produce phones that we love, computers that are the height of style, and tablets that have arguably changed the world. But people still wish Apple would do more. Here are some things that Twitter users say they wish Apple would do. [View the story "These [...]


iPhone 5 Concept Video – Fingerprint Scan, Mission Control, and More

Yesterday, there was an iPhone 5 concept video making it’s rounds showing off features that are quite the stretch. I can confidently say that none (maybe the rubberbanding electronics, but nothing else) will make it into the iPhone 5. This new video shows a few more concept features for the iPhone 5. The concept video [...]


Nokia exec claims iPhone is poorly designed. He has a solution.

It seems to be a theme of the tech industry to claim Apple is doing it wrong and that company X can do it right. Here’s another example of an exec claiming Apple sucks, and he knows better. Nokia’s phones look good. I have to tell you, the Nokia phones that are coming out really [...]