Sledge Hammer, Razor Knife, and Drop: Some Best Buy employees did their own invisibleSHIELD EXTREME test

Last month we launched invisibleSHIELD EXTREME. Featuring shock resistance and break protection, it’s the toughest invisibleSHIELD ever. In less than a month, the YouTube video displaying its amazing strength has nearly 1 million views. Like all invisibleSHIELDs, invisibleSHIELD EXTREME is made of a military-grade, self-healing material and comes with a lifetime warranty. Of course, there [...]


New ZAGG Products: ZAGGsparq 1220, ZAGGsparq 3100, and ZAGGsparq 6000. Featuring ultra-fast charging and a new design

Today we announce an update to the ZAGGsparq, one of our most popular products. There are a lot of upgrades to the product but the most notable detail is that we are launching multiple ZAGGsparq models. The models are: ZAGGsparq 1220, ZAGGsparq 3100, and ZAGGsparq 6000. The numbers indicate the size of the battery. The [...]


8 Twitter Users Who Already Ordered An invisibleSHIELD For iPhone 5

As soon as Apple announced the iPhone 5, its invisibleSHIELD has been available on You can get in in HD, EXTREME, Original, and Smudge-Proof. Here are 8 people who have already ordered an invisibleSHIELD for iPhone 5…

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ZAGG ranked #24 on Fortune’s 100 Fastest-Growing Companies of 2012. Apple, Under Armour, and Chipotle also on the list

Fortune Magazine released its annual list of the fastest-growing companies in the world. According to Fortune, the companies on the list are “high achievers” that represent the “most vibrant part of corporate America and beyond.” Companies were ranked on their three-year average revenue and profit growth rates. ZAGG was ranked #24 with a 3-year average [...]

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On The Road: Hillclimb (June 22, 2012)

The ZAGG and iFrogz team visited the Hillclimb competition. Here are a few photos from the event.


10 People Who Protect Their Device With invisibleSHIELD HD

In 2012 we launched invisibleSHIELD HD. It’s just like the original invisibleSHIELD (made of a military-grade self healing material and complete with a lifetime warranty) but with a glasslike surface and advanced clarity. invisibleSHIELD HD is available for iPhone 5, iPad 2/3/4, iPhone 4/4S, Kindle Fire, and Samsung Galaxy S III. We think it’s great, but [...]

Help Us Improve The ZAGGsparq

ZAGGsparq owners: Please help us improve the ZAGGsparq with the survey below. Bonus: Enter to win a $100 ZAGG eGift Card at the end of the survey. Loading…

ZAGG Across The Globe: A Map of ZAGG Stories (by Our Customers)

With over 30 million invisibleSHIELDs sold, ZAGG products touch the lives of millions every day. We’re grateful for our customers and followers and we love hearing how our products are used. We heard the story of the life-saving ZAGGsparq, the ZAGGfolios that protect iPads from road rash (link & link), and many other real-life stories. [...]


Starting Monday: The Daily Gaming Giveaway (Win your choice of a PS3, Xbox, Wii, or Vita)

Starting Monday, we’re giving away a gaming system every single day for the month of May. Each day is a new chance to win and you’ll need to come enter daily. To make it better, each day you pick with prize you want to win. Choose from a PS3, Xbox, Wii, or Vita. If you [...]


Thank You Letter from ZAGG CEO

Dear ZAGG friends, Our goal at ZAGG is to provide creative product solutions to protect, personalize, and enhance your mobile experience. Thanks to your loyalty and enthusiasm, ZAGG is the #1 company for mobile device protection. Ever since we started in a backyard workshop in 2005, we’ve been Zealous About Great Gadgets. We are continuously [...]

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