The new City Creek Center is awesome, and ZAGG is right in the middle.

A little over a month ago, City Creek Center opened to the public. The mall is awesome, and has an open-air design, but with a section that has a retractable roof. The owners of the mall have done a fantastic job being ‘good stewards’ of the environment in the City Creek Center development. I have [...]


Share your ZAGG experience and get a $5 ZAGG eGift Card

We’re building something awesome and you’re invited to join us. A collection of ZAGG stories is being compiled and we want you to help us complete it. In the form below, please share a short experience with one of our products. For example, you can tell us how a ZAGGsparq saved you, how an invisibleSHIELD [...]

Haloti Ngata

A Former NFL First Round Draft Pick and 3-Time Pro Bowler Is Joining ZAGG

We’re excited that Haloti Ngata is joining ZAGG as an official spokesperson. Haloti played college football at the University of Oregon, where he was a consensus All-American pick in 2005. He was selected as the 12th overall pick by the Baltimore Ravens in the 2006 NFL Draft, and has been named to the Pro-Bowl in [...]

ZAGGfolio 7

An Australian Customer Shared A Crazy ZAGGfolio Story With Us. Our Case Protected Her iPad While It Was Run Over

A customer from Australia shared this story with us: Just writing to put my lil iPad 3 accessories experience into words. I thought you should know. It was moving day for our family and things were hectic trying to pack child and furniture into cars to take to the new house. About 10 mins after we’d left [...]


New from ZAGG: invisibleSHIELD HD for iPhone and iPad (with an invisible video)

One of  ZAGG’s favorite iPad 3 accessories is the invisibleSHIELD. it is our flagship product. Since 2005, over 30 million invisibleSHIELDs have been sold. Today, you can cover over 5,000 different devices with an invisibleSHIELD. Each iPad 3 screen protector is military grade with Nano-Memory Technology and comes with a lifetime warranty. invisibleSHIELD HD is the [...]


Make the Smart Choice When It Comes to Headphones

They break a lot. At least for me they do. Maybe I just use them too much but it seems that any pair of headphones I use end up in the trash after a few months. It’s because they either get a short in them, or they fall apart in my hands. So, being through [...]


ZAGG earns CES 2012 “Best mobile accessory line” award from TRG

ZAGG was named the “Best mobile accessory line” in The Real Geeks CES 2012 Best of Show Awards. CES is chock-full of mobile accessories, so it’s flattering that ZAGG earned “Best mobile accessory line.” TRG explains why they chose ZAGG: “ZAGG made a big splash at CES 2012 by offering a full line of mobile accessories in [...]


Win an iPad 2, a ZAGGsparq, and Gift Cards in the ZAGG Super Bowl Challenge

Super Bowl Sunday is coming! If you haven’t heard, it’s the Patriots vs. Giants. We’re excited for the game and the commercials. Plus, it’s a good reason to give stuff away. We’re giving away ZAGGsparqs, Gift Cards, and an iPad 2! To enter, answer the questions below. A different prize is associated with each question. [...]


Why I Use Twitter

This post may be irrelevant to quite a few of you, but I wanted to write specifically to those readers who are afraid/uninterested in using Twitter.  I know you’re out there! I’m going to explain why Twitter is awesome and how it’s not as stupid as many non-users tend to believe.  I used to be [...]


The coolest thing at CES 2012: The Super Thin LG OLED TV

Want inside coverage of CES 2012?  Look no further than the ZAGGblog!  We’ve got our own inside man taking footage and pictures of all the coolest stuff from CES.  This post is about one of the coolest things found there so far; the 55” LG OLED TV. Why is this TV so cool?  Because it’s [...]

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