Our 25 Most Popular Blog Posts From 2013

In 2013, our team sifted through thousands of pieces of news, press releases, blog posts, forums, email tips, and tweets to bring you some of the more intriguing and insightful articles here on ZAGGblog. In all, we published 1,259 of them in 2013, averaging more than 100 each month. As we say goodbye to 2013, [...]


How To Add ZAGGblog To Your iPhone’s Home Screen

Last month, nearly half a million of you clicked over to ZAGGblog for at least one of our posts throughout the month. How cool is that? We’ve got some great things planned for the rest of the year, too. So first off, a big thank you to all of you for being part of it. [...]


Apply to be a ZAGG Blogger: Earn a 3 month contract worth $4,200

As you may know, we have a lot of fun with our blog. We post news about gadgets, apps, social media, and other technology. Additionally, we use the blog to post about discounts, giveaways, and other ZAGG updates. It gets millions of page views each year and is a great way to connect with our fans [...]


The coolest thing at CES 2012: The Super Thin LG OLED TV

Want inside coverage of CES 2012?  Look no further than the ZAGGblog!  We’ve got our own inside man taking footage and pictures of all the coolest stuff from CES.  This post is about one of the coolest things found there so far; the 55” LG OLED TV. Why is this TV so cool?  Because it’s [...]

Caleb Hicks

ZAGGBlog writers share their innermost secrets – their iPhone home screen app layout.

For those iPhone owners out there, we have a special post for you with iPhone homescreens of the ZAGGblog writers. (an Android version is on the way – we’re having technical difficulties getting screenshots.) I am a big fan of and think it’s a great source to see other thoughtful iOS users homescreens. It [...]


What Do You Want From ZAGGblog?

All of us here at ZAGGblog enjoy immensely writing blog posts about new and emerging trends in technology, reminiscing about old but awesome technology, and speculating on what the future might hold for the world of gadgets.  In fact we love it so much that it probably gets on some peoples’ nerves when we just [...]