Mike’s #needZAGG Twitter Contest

This week, I’m taking over our @ZAGGDaily Twitter account. We thought it’d be a fun change of pace. So, we’ll talk shop — all about the latest news and happenings in the tech world as usual — and I’ve created a new contest to give away some cool ZAGG gear each day. Way cool, right? [...]


Limited Time: ZAGGfolio Is 50% Off – Here Are 15 Tweets From ZAGGfolio Owners

ZAGGfolio is one of our best selling iPad keyboard cases. For a limited time, while supplies last, you can get the White Carbon Fiber ZAGGfolio 50% off. Click here to get this deal. Here are 15 tweets from people who love their ZAGGfolio: ZAGG Discount Code


This Cat Loves The ZAGGfolio

Twitter user @DUALIntegrated tweeted this photo yesterday. The photo included this commentary: “I guess Neko likes my new #ZAGG#iPad cover.” We believe this cat is highly advanced. For more on the ZAGGfolio, click here.


Another Photo Of Mitt Romney With His ZAGGfolio

In July we spotted a photo of Mitt Romney’s ZAGGfolio. Today, we saw another. See below: Hey Mitt, the ZAGGfolio is great, but you should see our newest iPad keyboard case, ZAGGkeys PROfolio+.

ZAGGkeys PROfolio+

Award-Winning ZAGGfolio Gets A Redesign (now thinner, lighter, and with backlit keys)

ZAGGfolio was a CES Innovations 2012 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree. Reviewers gave it “a full 5 out of 5 stars” and iPad users everywhere fell in love with it. Recently, we announced the newest iteration of the ZAGGfolio: ZAGGkeys PROfolio+ ZAGGkeys PROfolio+ is ultra-thin, light weight, and features backlit keys. Unlike the original ZAGGfolio, [...]


In-Depth ZAGGfolio Review By Chris Voss [VIDEO]

Social media and tech entrepreneur, Chris Voss, got his hands on a ZAGGfolio iPad keyboard case. He gave it an in-depth review, complete with a video. Check it out below:


Here’s a photo of Mitt Romney using a ZAGGfolio iPad Keyboard Case

We saw this posted on MacTrast. Get your own ZAGGfolio HERE.

ZAGGfolio 5

Customer Letter: ZAGGfolio Protects iPad From Wicked Road Rash And Tire Tread (True Story)

My seven year old, when getting out of the car this morning, manages to knock my soft sided leather “grip” onto the running board of my Jeep unbeknownst to me. I leave the school merging on to Cantrell Road, one of the main roads into downtown Little Rock. A car in front of me stops [...]


Here’s a hair-raising letter about the ZAGGfolio protecting an iPad from a 3,000lb car doing 54 MPH (True Story)

Dear ZAGG, I’m an author who recently acquired my very first iPad 3; fully loaded. On my way to the airport I made a last moment decision to get a protective case for my new treasure. A friend highly recommended your ZAGGfolio carbon fiber case with the Bluetooth keyboard. I tested it out in the [...]


ZAGGfolio, ZAGGkeys FLEX, and ZAGGkeys SOLO: 3 Awesome Video Reviews Of Our Awesome Keyboards


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