ZAGGfolio 7

An Australian Customer Shared A Crazy ZAGGfolio Story With Us. Our Case Protected Her iPad While It Was Run Over

A customer from Australia shared this story with us: Just writing to put my lil iPad 3 accessories experience into words. I thought you should know. It was moving day for our family and things were hectic trying to pack child and furniture into cars to take to the new house. About 10 mins after we’d left [...]


ZAGGfolio Blogging – For what it’s worth.

I never know what the line is on posting about ZAGG products, I don’t want to seem like I only promote the products because I am writing on the blog, so I’m cautious. I rely heavily on my laptop. I write quite a few posts for ZAGGblog each week. I tend to write in 1-2 [...]

ZAGGfolio v. touchscreen

Win One Of Two $100 ZAGG eGift Cards: Guess The Typing Speeds

Here at CES we’re demonstrating just how easy it is to type with our tablet keyboard solutions. Using the ZAGGfolio and ZAGGkeys FLEX, we’re testing, with the help of an iPad app, the typing speed of several CES attendees. We’re having those same people test their typing speed just on the iPad’s touchscreen. After testing [...]


Cool Stuff at CES 2012: Unique Mobile Keyboarding Options

One interesting find from this year’s CES is the myType keyboard, a creative and very flexible tablet keyboard idea. To begin with, the keys on the left side of the keyboard are positioned so that when the keyboard is folded in half, the keys interlock with each other so that it folds up nicely.  The [...]

Pink Smart W

ZAGGfolio: Now In Color

Click here to see all our color and leather versions of the ZAGGfolio The ZAGGfolio is the #1 selling iPad accessory, and now it’s in color. Get yours here.


Split Keyboard On iOS 5 For iPad Speeds Things Up

Split Keyboard With iOS 5, iPad gains the ability to not only undock the keyboard and slide it up as high as your little heart can hope, but to split it apart for easier thumb-typing. It works well for both portrait and landscape, but is definitely a better option. Not a Physical Keyboard Obviously if [...]

ZAGGfolio 4

The ZAGGfolio Gets an In-Depth Review puts our iPad folio, the ZAGGfolio, to the test and publishes an in-depth review. Below are a few highlights from the review. For the full review, click HERE. ZAGG even went the extra mile with the ZAGGfolio and included magnets in the case to give it Smart Cover instant on and off support. This [...]


ZAGGfolio Now Available for Immediate Purchase [Giveaway]

As of today the ZAGGfolio, our new iPad folio, is off pre-order and is ready for immediate purchase. For more details on the ZAGGfolio, click HERE. If you pre ordered, we’ll be shipping to you soon. We are celebrating this historic event with a giveaway! We’re giving away 10 $100 eGift Cards. To enter: [...]

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