Mike’s #needZAGG Twitter Contest

This week, I’m taking over our @ZAGGDaily Twitter account. We thought it’d be a fun change of pace. So, we’ll talk shop — all about the latest news and happenings in the tech world as usual — and I’ve created a new contest to give away some cool ZAGG gear each day. Way cool, right? [...]


ZR-SIX: Guaranteed To Be The Best Sounding Earbuds You’ve Ever Used Or Your Money Back [Now Available For $59.99]

At CES this year we announced a new audio product: ZR-SIX earbuds ZR-SIX earbuds are now available on ZAGG.com for $59.99. They sound so good that we’re making a guarantee. If they’re not the best sounding earbuds you’ve ever experienced we’ll give you your money back.  ZR-SIX are complete with an in-line mic and remote [...]


New Product Announcement: ZR-SIX Ear Buds Are The Best Sounding Ear Buds Ever Thanks To Reflective Acoustics

Have you ever wondered why the walls in a great concert hall are shaped the way they are? The reason is the sound from the performance reflects off these acoustically designed surfaces and is deepened, enriched, and warmed. We were inspired by this same concept when we designed Reflective Acoustics drivers in our new ZR-SIX Ear buds. [...]