Take a Look, It’s in a Book, a Reading Rainbow (App)

PBS’s Reading Rainbow was finally cut in 2009 after a 26-year run. Even though it was dropped because nobody wanted to fund it, there are millions who enjoyed the programming over the decades.

LeVar Burton, Reading Rainbow’s host, says that even though the show’s run on PBS may be over, the goal of showing kids why they should read isn’t. He plans to use digital media to bring the show back.

In an interview with Mashable, Burton said:

“There is a brand new generation of kids who could definitely use the kind of spark and inspiration Reading Rainbow provided where actually becoming a reader is concerned. As far as I can tell, reading will never go out of style, and neither will good old fashioned storytelling.”

“Every day of my life someone comes up to me and tells me about the impact the show had on them growing up,” Burton continued. “It’s no secret that our educational system is no longer the platinum standard on the world stage that it once was. This is simply my way of continuing to do what I’ve always done, just in a different medium.”

That new medium? Apps. Burton is working with a new team to bring Reading Rainbow to kids where they feel most comfortable, mobile devices.

You can stay updated on the plans for a Reading Rainbow app by following @readingrainbow on Twitter, or visiting RRKidz.com.

Source: Mashable

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