Take This Lollipop Facebook App

737,869 people ‘Like’ this App on Facebook, and if you click HERE it’s easy to see why.  This short video is working as an entertaining scare tactic so people are cautious about how much information they let others acces through facebook.  Privacy settings have been the target of much debate since facebook launched back in 2004.

This App first requests permission before it will work with your facebook info.

Once you click allow you will see a super creepy man hack into your facebook account.

He can access all of your photos, your friends, your address.  He then does a google search on your hometown and next thing you know he is on his way to your house!

“Best experienced with headphones or loud.

This is for entertainment purposes only, we will not save your information.

We will not post without your approval.  Promise.  We don’t encourage hacking in any way.”

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  • shiela aurora serrano ferraren

    nangangako ako na hindi sisisihin ang programa na ito kung ano ang mangyayari sa facebook ko