Taking a ski vacation? Get the iPhone apps you need

Its definitely winter with all the latest cold going around. And whats to do while were in winter? Well ski, of course. After trading my dad for  his iPhone for a couple days [Note: I have a Blackberry, that says enough] I found my top 4 choices in terms of booking flights, weather, tracking of skiing and ski resort information for all under .99 cents per app.

1. The Snow Report – Free App – Started by The North Face this is app is an all in one for the social networking avid skier. Some cool features to this app include the ability to post straight to your Facebook account via photos/status, Tweet directly to the resort specific feed, and the choice of picking up to 10 resorts to track. The app not only has trail maps too, but a feature that tracks your personal skiing for the day. Lastly among many other things that the app can do, it can alert you when any of your favorite resorts accumulate any snow.

2. Kayak Pro – .99 cents – Kayak.com created this app and I love it. They run a free version of the app, but it has Ads and this one does not. It really helped me out with spur of the moment traveling this past month. It basically is the website in an app, and that is why its so great and easy to use. You can book airfare, hotel, and rental cars all from it. You can even track your flights (with SNOWMAGEDDON hitting the nation its a great feature to have for all the delayed and cancelled flights). This also features a cool photo section to see the hotels that you are thinking about booking. Overall a great ad-free app for .99 cents.

3. Ski Tracks – .99 cents – The premier ski tracking app. When I used it I was really surprised at all the things it told me about my skiing that day. It listed at the main screen my max/avg. speed, the distance of the run I am currently taking, my vertical, and my altitude to name a few. The map of your GPS tracks is very helpful interms of finding out certain times and your MPH at the point of destination. Overall a great app for those really inquistive skiers/riders.

4. Radar US – free – The most basic out of them all. It’s a weather app that only gives you animated radar data. Two options of either watching your weather location via a movie or controlling the animation manually. But note that this is only available for the U.S. right now, so no radaring your European ski trip.

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  • skier

    add Maprika to the list – it’s free! Shows your location on a trail map, as well as your friends!

  • James

    Thank you for the apps! I love the My Resorts app. When I go vacations with the family we always use the DISH Network Remote Access app. It allows my family to watch LIVE TV and all of our recording that are at home!! I work for DISH Network, and was able to download the app for FREE!!!!

  • Rosebud

    Thanks for the list of apps. When we went to Vail this year, my girlfriend used Ski Tracks and I used Satski. Satski worked really well, gave me live location on the Vail trail map and recorded all my stats. The extra features and navigation was worth the 10 bucks as it was our first time there. Kudos to all the developers for bringing the ski world to my phone.