Tasty Tech Tuesday

Tuesday is here again. Over the past week we have seen the Packers beet the Steelers, watched the #brandbowl unfold with its zealous ads, and even saw Christina Aguilera repeat the wrong line of the Star Spangled banner TWICE. Well after surfing the web for a another week, I have discovered my favorite things for today.

The E-Scooter from Mini – Not Priced – Saw these, and about died. The electric scooter by Mini, with an all in one iPhone dock. The E-Scooter comes in 3 different variations and all are fit to drive a king. Probably the coolest feature is the fact that your iPhone really does the majority of work for the scooter in terms of GPS, can start the scooter ignition via plug in, and becomes the control dock for the entire scooter. Claiming Zero emissions, this scooter is a must have for scooter summers.

Woodnotes Bed Concept – Not Priced – While some of you are asking yourselves, why would this blogger ever put a bed frame on a tech post, the question I ask you is why not? Like some of you, I blog and use my computer from my bed, and I think that besides my technology obsession I am obsessed with my bed. What I thought was interesting about this frame, was the fact that is was so low to the ground. Meaning no more cords not reaching to my side or dropping my phone 4ft off the ledge of my bed. A tech savvy bed for the tech savvy sleeper. And to really win you over the bed is made with Sand paper yarn cotton fabric. Meaning that it’s biodegradable, of course.

Desk Phone Dock – Not Priced – Surprisingly after heavy research on this product, it has yet to have a release date or a price. But they are hoping for a later this release year according to iPhone Faq. Think of a normal land-line phone and add in a zest of Umph! And you have the Kee Desk Phone Dock. Whatever you can do with your iPhone you can practically do on the dock. From using the dial to navigate through your apps, you can also speak via the built-in speaker phone, and even plug in your headphones/headset and speak via them. But don’t worry that is not all the functions, because it conveniently also charges your phone. The dock is also compatible with all current iPhones.

Iparklikeanidiot.com stickers – Price varies per quantity of stickers – I think I can leave the product to talk for itself, but if not here are some great stickers for the “ever so kind” drivers that can’t park. Usually when they are way to close or even a little to far away, these drivers give everyone but themselves the parking headache. My favorite part about all of this is not even the sticker but the online community that sends in their pictures of cars with them stuck on to their vehicle. What can I say, I have a soft spot for online communities that bash bad parking.

PadPivot – Still in funding till March – Featured on Kickstarter (public funding for creative ideas) the PadPivot is a must have for tablet users. The PadPivot not only is for your lap but also for flat surfaces that you can prop it up on. Not only does the PadPivot support iPad but also the Galaxy Tab, Kindle, and practically any other tablet. The feature that sold me the most was the option to compress it into something smaller to carry around. Also gamers rejoice, meaning that the PadPivot includes a tether that straps to your leg for “extreme” gaming situations.

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