Tasty Tech Tuesday

Is it just me or is this year just flying by? I swear it was just Christmas yesterday! Getting back to TTT though I thought about it a lot and wanted to do this post about products that will incorporate food and yummy. So this means products/apps about cooking, food, and other accessory deliciousness.

Joseph Joseph 3 Blade Rotary Peeler – $12.00 – The question I asked when I saw this was, what doesn’t this do? It has three blades you can choose from including the standard, serrated or julienne. Its easy to clean and even offers a potato-eye remover. All-in-all a great gadget for the inner foodie in you. And don’t worry it’s dishwasher safe.

Fooducate – Free – An app for the healthy and trying to be healthy eater. This app is great for those looking to see what pros & cons of over 200,000 different products in your local grocery. The app features a scan barcode button so that you can easily read your favorite products at a the touch of a finger. Lastly the app offers a comparison button to see whether there is a better product out their in terms of healthy eating.

Pizza Pro 3000 – $14.95 – Probably the closest thing to a real saw I will ever own. Meet my favorite pizza cutter, the Pizza Pro 3000. Not only does it save your fingers, but it keeps you looking classy while cutting a slice of pie.

iGrill – $99.00 – The tech mans grill assistant. Available on iPhone, iTouch, and iPad. Coming to Droid sometime this year. Sure she isn’t as pretty as Vanna White is too wheel of fortune, but this little square knows how to grill. From a secure Bluetooth connection this gadget tracks how your meet is doing via a connection cable and needle. Once the needle determines the temp, it sends a signal to the app and you can see it from there. The secure Bluetooth (secure so other people Bluetooth enabled devices don’t interfere) is capable of receiving alerts from the grill up to 200-ft away. Lastly when your meat reaches the set temp (you have set up) it notifies you with an alarm. Giving you the extra time to mingle around with others rather than staring into the black space of grillness.

Geek Cup Cozy – $9.50 – I drink enough coffee and tea to suffice the need for an eco-friendly cozy. Meet Etsy user Sewtara, and her line of chic cup cozies. Oddly enough a lot of them are tech friendly like the one above, “Hello my name is GEEK.” Check out her Etsy page for more tech friendly cozies.

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  • http://twitter.com/TwoCooksBooks Lance Dean

    The peeler reminds me of the old Flicker razors from the 70′s