Tasty Tech Tuesday: Preserving your Digital life

I don’t know about you guys but I love my online life. It’s practically everything I’m not: cool, awesome, and super hip. Well I’m joking, but honestly I love everything about the social networks I use. Enough love to introduce you to three ways to transform your digital life into reality. Now why would I introduce something that seems so pointless, I mean you have all your Facebook photos online, Instagram photos on your phone, Tweets in your feed, and miscellaneous content on your Tumblr. Well I think its important to preserve your digital life, whether it be just the important moments, or something completely ridiculous, it’s just nice to have something tangible to hold on to. Well lets get to the goods!

Social Print Studio – The printer from social networking heaven! This company offers six different ways to show off your photos. Three of my favorites are:

  • Facebook friend poster – $25.00 – Its a large 20″x40″ print that is printed on Fuji photo paper that features every single one of your Facebook friends. A cool way to capture everyone of your thousands of friends in tiny squares.
  • Mini book – $16.00 – You get two mini books with each order, meaning that you get 100 photos total to show. You can choose to showcase your Facebook friends, a certain Facebook album, and coming soon the option to show your Tumblr blog. The mini book is on a spiral bound book, and even allows you to tear out photos to give people if wanted.
  • Lil’ stickers – $16.00 – 252 Lil stickers that you can choose to show Facebook friends, Facebook album, or Twitter avatars.

Overall my Social Print Studio has been my favorite company to use when looking for a way to capture all of my Facebook or Tumblr moments. To see the rest of Social Print Studio options click over to the website here.

TweetBookz – Hard cover books $24.99 and soft cover books $14.99 - The Twitter lovers favorite book. Pick any user or yourself and let TweetBookz create a customized book full of 200 of your latest tweets. You can choose whether you would like a hard or soft cover and features your profile and description on the back cover. The pages on the inside are printed in black and white and covers in color.

Postagram – $0.99 – I love Instagram, hands down my favorite app on the iPhone. I have over 150 photos that I really love, and wish that sometimes I could have them in my hand. Now the cool part about this app is that not only can you access it from your phone but you can log in online. So what exactly does this app do to your photos? You get to ship your favorite photos in postcard format to friends, family, or yourself anytime, or anywhere. Each postcard is printed on high quality photo paper, and for $0.99 it ships to anywhere in the world.

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