Tech Celeb Spotlight: T-Pain

Seems to be T-Pain’s name is on everyone’s tongue this week. T-pain no stranger to the spotlight, posted this tweet on January 27th and every since then it has been blasted everywhere. I mean what’s a better way to say “You don’t have to like me” with a Facebook Like button tattoo. T-Pain isn’t just a regular celebrity but also a tech geek superstar.

(I’d like one of these on my forehead.)

Did you know T-Pain had a iPhone app? Did you know that he released a new product this year at CES? I bet some of you did, if not than read on! Well first lets talk about the iPhone app. (Honestly where is the Blackberry app?) The “I am T-Pain” is a iPhone exclusive (although I have seen it on the iTouch and iPad). The app uses your iPhone microphone and turns your voice into auto-tune. Don’t know what auto-tune is? Feel free to push play on the video below to hear what I am talking about. His app was surprisingly the #1 most downloaded iPhone app last year and led to the development of his microphone that premiered at CES this year.

Developed for those who do not have an iPhone, iPad, or iTouch the “I am T-Pain” microphone is a product for those who need a good laugh. According to T-Pain whom was at CES this year,  the mic will be available “Juneish to Julyish” for the fantastic price of 39.99. And distribution will be GLOBAL. Get excited, I can hear the homemade Ke$ha songs being made already!

T-Pain “I am T-Pain” iPhone App test

A favorite moment of mine featuring T-Pain and President Obama.

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