Texting At Night=Bad Sleep

According to the National Sleep Foundation, using a technological communications device within the hour before you go to sleep is ruining peoples’ sleep.  This includes a gamut of things, like texting people before you sleep (omg I’m about to go to sleep lol), watching movies on your iPad, staring at your Facebook notification icon waiting for a little red number, or even playing a game on your iPod.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, 95 percent of Americans do some sort of technological communicating before they go to sleep, and this is causing many sleep problems.  How so?  By constantly mentally stimulating your brain, it inhibits the release of a hormone that tells your brain and your body that it’s time to shut down.  Constantly doing this can throw off your body clock and may cause you to have multiple nights of restless rest.

So what should you do in the hour before bed?  The short answer is to do relaxing things, things that don’t require much brain power.  A good idea is to lie in bed and read something; though this does still use brain power, it is often not as stimulating as certain things (like yelling at those stupid green pigs in Angry Birds because they Just. Won’t. Die.)

So if you are having trouble sleeping, take a look at your technology habits in the hour before you go to bed; the answer may be in how you spend that time.  Let your brain wind down and, just like when you were a teenager, let your hormones take control.

Source: Crunchgear.com

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  • Beblieux

    Ha-ha! The Angry Birds comment is SO true! I dream about those stupid green pigs! I think this is what’s wrong with my youngest son, he can’t go to sleep and then I find him in the morning hugging his cell phone. I am going to show him this article. Thanks!