The 10,000,000,000th Download

That’s it!  Apple has reached its 10 billionth app download from its app store!  That is…a lot.  This was reached in just two and a half years.  That seems insane to me.  That’s easily millions of dollars Apple has made off of their app store alone.  Wow.

The lucky person to download the 10 billionth app won $10,000 in app store credit.  That lucky person was Gail Davis of Orpington, Kent, UK.  The app she downloaded was a game, “Paper Glider,” which comes as no surprise since the majority of app downloads are games.  The most popular app games that are downloaded are Angry Birds (no surprise there) and Flight Control.

Apple showed their pride in their own way with an announcement from vice president Philip Schiller.  He said:

“With more than 10 billion apps downloaded in just two and a half years—a staggering seven billion apps in the last year alone—the App Store has surpassed our wildest dreams. The App Store has revolutionized how software is created, distributed, discovered and sold. While others try to copy the App Store, it continues to offer developers and customers the most innovative experience on the planet.”

The fact that Verizon will soon be getting the iPhone only makes the future of the app store look brighter.  Who knows how many more iPhone customers Verizon will pull in?  The app store could easily reach 20 billion very soon.  I suppose we will see soon enough!

Well, I suppose congratulations are in order!  So congrats Apple, may more people continue to discover glorious and useful apps.  But I would watch out for Android if I were you –don’t get too cocky!

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  • Helena Rico

    wOw… interesting =)

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  • Beblieux

    That IS amazing. You are right that “Angry Birds” is no surprise. That game is so addicting. The thing I wonder about is how is she going to spend $10,000 in apps credit? CRaZy!

  • Tolkien

    Apple seems to be the end all…article was written with great flair!