The 2 Types of Apple Hardware Leaks…

So. If you follow the rumor sites there are always a few images that get leaked. An internal image like a microphone or camera cable, and a case design, or even the case itself.

I have given quite a bit of thought as to why the blogs keep publishing these images. I think we all hope that we’re going to get some magical peak into the future of the Apple device. It’s so frustrating that we have to wait until it’s ready. To simplify, I believe these images tend to give us 2 types of information:

1 – Information as to how much the internals will be tweaked.
The rumor sites love to draw from these parts as much as they can… usually not much. With the iPad 3, you saw pictures of a wi-fi redesign, microphone cable, camera cable, camera mount, and of course a display (un-powered).

These pictures tell us very little. They might tell us the small incremental changes that we’ve come to expect in the iPad every year. However, they don’t give us the picture that the blogs try to draw:

At this point it is still safe to assume that we will see an upgraded high resolution display, an improved front and rear facing camera, upgraded processor and GPU, iPad 3 Siriintegration and dictation, and possibly a longer lasting battery.

I’m not saying they are wrong. I am saying they are reaching.

2 – Information as to whether or not the overall design will be changed.

Those hoping for a full new makeover both internally and externally on the upcoming iPad 3 may be in for a bit of a disappointment. This news and other recent reports keep re-affirming that the next generation could offer the same type of upgrade as we saw with the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 4S.

The case and Apple product manufacturers sometimes have leaks. What you and I are all interested in almost more than the internals, is what the product will look like. The case makers are doing everything they can to get ahead in the game. However, it seems they are so often very off.

The bloggers try so hard to fill in the gaps with pictures from the actual hardware manufacturers. When they get it right, it’s usually a simple image that shows that things won’t be changing. It’s as if Apple allows it to leak in order to set expectations.

A picture is worth…
We’ll all keep watching for the images. It’s what we like to read, and it’s what keeps a rumor blog’s readership up. But let’s be honest with ourselves. Apple rumor pictures are barely worth the 250 words that typically come with them.

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