The $5.99 SnapHeal May Just Become Your Go-To Photo Editor

When I think of popular photo editors, I immediately think of Adobe Photoshop, the premier image editor for photographers and graphic designers. I’ve used it for years, and it’s served me well. I have complete control over every aspect of the image I am editing or creating. But sometimes, that high level of control is a little too much. Sometimes I just want something quick and easy.

One of the coolest features of Photoshop that came out in the last version was called Content Aware Fill. Teaser videos were released months before the software hit the market to hype the ease of deleting unwanted objects in photos. To many, content-aware fill was the primary reason to upgrade from CS4 to CS5.

Well, now there’s a newcomer to the content-aware fill game – Snapheal for Mac by MacPhun. They’ve taken Content-Aware Fill, cleaned it up, made it super easy to use, and are selling it for way cheap ($6 compared to $650 for Photoshop CS5). You simple highlight the object you want to remove and hit ‘Erase’. Your computer crunches away, and… wallah! You get your new family picture sans creepy photo bomber in the background.

Now, SnapHeal isn’t a one-trick pony either. You can perform a number of image enhancements with the Retouch Studio and Image Adjust Toolbox they also include in the app. There are sliders for hue, saturation, temperature, shadows, and more. You can crop, rotate, and flip your images. In other words, the majority of your quick go-to tools in Photoshop are also readily available in Snapheal.

Now, can a $6 app by an indie Mac developer company rival the 800lb gorilla that is Adobe? For erasing unwanted objects and quickly editing photos? Surprisingly, yes.

Look at the following results:

So, take some really powerful features, a smooth interface, make it fast and easy to use, and charge a ridiculously low price for it all, and you’ve got Snapheal by MacPhun. Check it out in the Mac App Store. It’s normally $20 bucks, but it’s on sale for $5.99 in the App Store through Christmas. It may just become your go-to image editor.

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