The Best Christmas Music Playlists On Spotify, Pandora, And 8tracks

When it comes down to it, there really aren’t that many Christmas songs, but boy are there a lot of variations.  Here are some stations and playlists to get you started this season.  As always, your station will be personalized to you the more you like/dislike songs.  Technology is awesome.


All I Want For Christmas Is You Radio – I boldly claim that Mariah Carey has held the Best Christmas Album slot since this one released in 1994 (feel free to disagree with me).  So it comes as no surprise that the Pandora Radio station is also a winner.  This station will have more modern, upbeat, and pop singer versions of our classic Christmas hits.

Christmas Radio – This is the general Holiday Station. It’s basically the classic versions that I grew up listening to.

8 Tracks

These playlists are shorter so I added a few for if you’re feeling in a specific mood.

Oh So Country Christmas!

Acoustic Holidays

Merry Christmas Vol. 1 (This is an emo, indie, and somewhat depressing playlist. Come on, we’ve all been there.)

Cozy Christmas Classics (Instrumental)

Pop Christmas

A Very Pop Punk Christmas


I had a surprisingly difficult time with Spotify.  I quickly realized there wasn’t a playlist out there that I was a huge fan of.  So I created my own.

A Christmas Baby’s Ultimate Christmas Playlist – I developed this playlist by adding over 500 songs and scaling it down to the 120 or so that are left.  I tried not to have one artist or style overwhelm the playlist as a whole.  If you make this your go-to Christmas playlist, I encourage you to occasionally branch out by clicking on one of the albums of a given artist and just listening to that.  I found so many albums I’d never listened to before but really enjoy.

A Christmas Baby’s Ultimate Christmas Playlist Radio – If you’d rather let Spotify do the branching out for you, use the station based off the playlist.  Compared to the Mariah station, this will have more classic (Bing, Frank, Harry…) versions.

Let me know what you think. I’m I missing any of your favorite songs?


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