The best “Find my car” app automatically knows where you park.

Unlike the multitude of “Where’s my car?” apps, Find My Car Smart automatically saves your car’s location for you.

You don’t have to remember to drop a pin where you parked. You just park the car and go about your business.

How does Find My Car Smart work?

When you turn off your car, the Find My Car Smart bluetooth device will also turn off. When your iPhone notices that the car has turned off, it saves your location.

Then you can launch the app to find your car.


Find My Car Smart uses GPS, so it should normally be accurate within 5 meters. However, parking garages may make it harder to find your car by GPS. FMC Smart has developed a graphic to help visualize different scenarios that affect the GPS.

Bluetooth Smart: Currently on the iPhone 4S and Droid Razr

The iPhone 4S is the first smartphone to support Bluetooth Smart, or Bluetooth 4.0.

(See also: Bluetooth 4.0 may also act as an alternative to NFC)

Here’s Bluetooth’s official video about their low-energy technology:

There is no sign of a Droid app to go with the device, so Find My Car Smart will only work with the iPhone 4S.

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