The Best Gifts For The Angry Birds Addict On Your List

Angry Birds is the hottest thing to hit your mobile device this year (or maybe ever?).  The game has been such a phenomenon that there are now a multitude of merchandise items available to supplement that addictive little virtual world.  If you or someone you love is one of those that stays up until 4 AM because, “OMG, just one more level!!”, here is a roundup of some of the best little gifts for the holiday season:

1. Angry Birds iPad 2 The Family Case

2.   Angry Birds: Knock On Wood Game

The real-life version of the app!

3.  Angry Birds Silly Bandz

Holy Toledo!  Angry Birds + Silly Bandz?  Could there be a more on-trend gift for 2011??

4.  Angry Birds Plush Hats

These playful hats allow you to stay warm and, uh, fashionable?  Either way, you can’t help but get a kick out of them.

5.  Angry Birds Bad Piggies’ Egg Recipes Cook Book

Well, now we know why those piggies wanted those eggs so badly!  At least they were kind enough to share their recipes…and these are actual recipes too!  I absolutely love this idea.

You can also find a variety of keychains, USB devices, pillows, stuffed animals, blankets, t-shirts, etc., on sites like,, and even specialty sites like Most gifts are quite affordable, too. Make the Angry Birds lover in your life a little happier with a gift that you know will make their heart soar.

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