The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Is Funding A Project That Turns Waste Into Power

We’ve all heard those gut wrenching stories about people who have had to survive extreme dehydration by drinking their own urine, or maybe you have seen Bear Grylls drink it from a snake skin on the Discovery Channel. Now, researchers have discovered a way that urine can not only save your own life, but your phone’s battery life as well.

In an article published by USA Today, they claim:

[Microbial fuel cells] don’t output much power and, until now, the researchers had only managed to accumulate very small amounts of power into capacitors for storage. Now they’ve successfully charged a Samsung handset enough to get some real – albeit limited – usage.

So, the next time you find yourself in a remote location and you’ve left your ZAGGsparq at home, maybe urinating to charge your phone will be the only other option you have to make that one last emergency call.

Watch the video to see a smart scientist explain how it works.

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