The Color Copy Pen

When I was younger, I would always draw pictures in the Microsoft Paint program that was integrated into our family computer. I remember when I discovered the tool in the program that let me copy the exact color of a photo and use it in the program to draw something. For example, if I wanted to use someone’s eye color to draw with, I could copy the photo of their eye using the tool and paint with that color. Wouldn’t it be cool to copy the colors outside of the computer?

This pen would allow you to scan any color you see. It has sensors on the inside of the pen that make and exact copy of the color you are scanning. Using the primary colors (Red, Yellow and Blue) you will be able to scan anything and get the same color to write on paper. A color display on the side of the pen allows you to see the exact color you are scanning and what will come out of the pen when you want to draw or write with it.

This invention is ingenious. By mixing together the primary colors, you can literally paint the world’s colors.

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  • Shanini

    Red green and blue, not red yellow and blue

    • Itsnikkilyn

      The primary colors are Red, Yellow and Blue. Mixing Blue & Yellow together makes Green.