The coolest thing at CES 2012: The Super Thin LG OLED TV

Want inside coverage of CES 2012?  Look no further than the ZAGGblog!  We’ve got our own inside man taking footage and pictures of all the coolest stuff from CES.  This post is about one of the coolest things found there so far; the 55” LG OLED TV.

Why is this TV so cool?  Because it’s thinner than Mary Kate or Ashley Olsen if either of them were to be cut in half.  Yeah, that’s right, it’s super thin.  Not only is it super sexy-thin, but it’s also a great TV.  Colors are extremely vivid, response times are extremely fast, and motion is freakishly sharp.

What’s my personal favorite part about the TV (other than the extreme thinness)?  The TV has a 1mm thick bevel around the edges, meaning you very nearly see edge-to-edge on the screen.  Now that’s a real TV.

Curious about just how thin it really is?  Check out this short clip from CES.

Pricing hasn’t been set for this bad boy yet, but there are rumors that the price will start in the 5 figures (omg that’s a car).  What do you think of the TV?  Will you be picking one of these up when it launches or maybe wait 50 years until the price has dropped?

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